Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is officially unveiled!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 global version Packaging omits NFC & SpO2

On June 11, Xiaomi will show its new fitness bracelet for the second consecutive year. The new Mi Band 5 is officially released, with an enlarged screen. A new SpO2 sensor, an expanded feature set, sports modes, and multi-function NFC.

In appearance, the design is very similar to the fourth generation. Nevertheless, the price is high, and the new chip and magnetic charging will make you consider buying Mi Band 5.

Presentation 06/11/2020

The broadcast starts at 9 am Moscow time. The presentation of Mi Band 5 is in Chinese. The company does not duplicate this event on Youtube with subtitles, so officially there are no English or Russian subtitles.

Link the detail of official broadcast

Link to the original broadcast 

Link 2

The company duplicates all the basic information about the gadget and its characteristics on the slides. So you can watch the presentation in the original language.

The birth of a legend

Users who are just getting acquainted with Xiaomi smart bracelets and plan to buy Mi Band 5 will be interested to know about the history of presentations of the popular gadget.

  • July 2014 – Xiaomi introduced its first smart bracelet on the market. The functionality of Mi Band was then extremely limited, and the design is as simple as possible.
  • June 2016 – the best-seller of the next two years Mi Band 2 is released. Thanks to this gadget, the company has set several sales records worldwide.
  • May 2018 – the long-awaited Mi Band 3 was presented at the anniversary conference. The manufacturer first added NFC support for budget wearable devices. Contactless payments worked only in China.
  • June 11, 2019 – the fourth generation was remembered by fans with a color screen. The novelty was then delivered as quickly as possible to European stores. The global version was called Mi Smart Band 4. At the end of May 2020, Russia introduced the NFC version, which received full support from Mastercard.
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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – 2020 new hit!

At the presentation, the company focused on the comparison with the fourth generation.

Xiaomi mi band 5 official released

Comparison with Mi Band 4.

Miband4 Miband5
0.95-inch colored display 1.1-inch colored display
77 100+ watch faces
Dynamic watch face
watch face function customization
6 11 exercise mode
50 50 meter waterproof
bus / access card / Alipay bus / access card / Alipay / union pay NFC
xiao ai voice assistant xiao ai voice assistant
24-hour heart rate monitoring 24-hour heart rate monitoring
sleeping analysis 24-hour sleeping analysis/speed eye movement (?) / little nod off tracking (?)
Stress monitoring
breathing exercise training
PAI vitality index
women health
remote selfie
insert-style charging magnetic charging


1) Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a 1.2-inch color OLED display. It is 0.95 inches on the “four” screen. The size of the visible area of ​​the display has increased by 0.25 inches.

Given the compact size of gadgets, increasing the screen will become a heavy argument. please switch to the new version. The developer promised to update the dial and improve readability.

The design remains the same: a capsule with a rounded 2.5D display.

2) 100 original dials to choose from in the application instead of 77.

3) Sleep is now controlled 24 hours a day, and not just at night (for example, during daytime or power sleep).

4) 11 sports modes instead of 6. Added:

  • Elliptical  – a lesson on elliptical trainers.
  • Rowing machine  – rowing machine.
  • Jump rope – jumping rope.
  • Indoor cycling  – cycling along the cycle track.
  • Yoga  – Yoga.

5) The ability to use Mi Band 5 as a trigger for photos (control the smartphone’s camera).

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6) The new SpO2 sensor for monitoring oxygen saturation in the blood, and several functions for women (for example, monitoring menstrual cycles).

7) Magnetic charging. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest advantages because of which it is worth buying the Mi Band 5.


You will no longer need to spend time carefully removing the capsule from the bracelet and placing it in the charger. Now you can charge Mi Band 5 by simply removing the bracelet from your hand.


8) The Mi Band 5 battery has a capacity of 100 mAh. Battery life up to 14 days when fully charged. A full charge through the Pogo Pin charger takes 1.5 hours.

9) The updated chip provides more accurate health monitoring.

10) Heart monitoring for 24 hours.

11) Mi Band 5 can be connected to smartphones running Android 6.0+ or ​​iOS 10.0+ via Bluetooth 5.0.

Xiaomi mi band feature img.JPG

Xiaomi mi band feature

Key features of Mi Band 5:

  • 1.2-inch large color screen.
  • Convenient magnetic charging (Pogo Pin).
  • 14 days without recharging.
  • NFC Unionpay Quick pass.
  • Remote camera control.
  • The heart monitoring system, women’s health regimen.
  • 11 sports modes, SpO2 sensor for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Connection via Bluetooth 5.0, water-resistant 5ATM.
  • Colors of bracelets: black, yellow, red, blue

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