Insider word: Apple is preparing a folding iPhone

Insider word: Apple is preparing a folding iPhone

Famous insider John Prosser hinted that Apple is working on the company’s first foldable smartphone. He posted this information on his Twitter account. Despite the fact that novelty should not be achieved in 2020, the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 may already be able to achieve a flexible display. Which is what many brands dream of the display.

The famous insider John Proser said on Twitter that Apple is developing its own folding smartphone. Prosser cited the position of technology blogger Gregory McFadden in his publication.

“More and more I am confident that Apple should release a foldable phone. I have been using Z Flip (a model of a foldable smartphone) for four months and I believe it is reliable. McFadden said: “Apple The company has a unique opportunity to integrate the iPhone and iPad. ”

“By the way, about this …”, Prosser wrote mysteriously, adding an “intriguing” emoticon.

Insider word: Apple is preparing a folding iPhone

A subscriber who has established himself as a reliable source of internal information requests detailed information about the foldable iPhone. A follower asked if Apple was developing a smartphone with flexible accessories. And Prosser did it “twice in the blink of an eye.”

When they asked him whether to wait for the gadget this year, he answered no. However, I hope all of this is useless-due to rumors and leaks. The appearance of the entire iPhone 12 series is already well known.

However, in the iPhone 13 series, or in extreme cases, in the iPhone 14. There is indeed the possibility of folding smartphones. Because this form factor has been used by Apple’s closest competitor.

In April 2020, it is well known that Apple has registered a patent for a flexible battery, which has triggered rumors that users should wait for the emerging iPhone or iPad. In addition, if you believe the company’s customer survey results, more than one-third of respondents are willing to pay $600 for this gadget “from above.”

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Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola and some other companies have released their own flexible gadgets.

Such a device looks impressive and futuristic, but it is not without its shortcomings. First of all, this is the price-this smartphone is still too expensive for mass buyers. At the same time, their characteristics are not as good as conventional gadgets without flexible displays. Which will scare away potential users. These devices can only attract relatively high-income people. Who tend to purchase technological innovations at the beginning of the market.

In addition, the wear resistance of such gadgets is very serious. Many blog authors tested the strength of these devices, and the results of the experiment were disappointing. One of the reasons for this is that the screen of the folding smartphone is essentially made of plastic instead of glass, which ensures its flexibility. The development of this material with glass strength and bending at the same time may bend, but it has not been found in modern models on the market.

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