PlayStation 5: Amazon again lists price & release date of PS5

PlayStation 5: Still no price and sales start confirmed: Nothing came of it

Now that the PlayStation 5 design has been revealed, there are two important questions to be answered. What will the PS5 console cost and when will it be delivered? Another possible mishap on Amazon indicates both the euro price and the release date.

Well, the Sony broadcast has just ended, where we were shown a lot of games for the PlayStation 5. However, apparently, most of these games will be available on the current generation of consoles.

In any case, the most interesting thing was at the end. As we had hoped, we were finally shown the console itself. And she was completely different from what the designers drew. The prefix is ​​also not a bit like a kit for developers.

While a supposed price of £ 600 for the PlayStation 5 had already surfaced in the UK last week at Amazon UK, it was briefly listed in France. Instead of the converted 675 euros, the PS5 console shows itself here for the price of 499.99 euros expected by many. But that’s not all, because also mentions an expected release date. If you trust these entries, which are likely to be put online again incorrectly, the next-gen console from Sony will appear on November 20, 2020.

amazon Playstation 5

It could again be a PS5 placeholder

After the record ended up on Reddit, Amazon deleted the price and availability information of the PlayStation 5. Unlike the French branch of the well-known online store, Amazon UK spokeswoman said last week about the accidentally “leaked” information and confirmed that it should only be a placeholder. It remains to be seen whether PS5 pricing and Amazon France release date will be correct. Insiders expect Sony to release more detailed information on these two important issues later this July.

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Possible prices for the so-called PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Which will do without an optical Blu-ray drive, remain unknown. Prior to Sony’s official confirmation, fans should be patient and spend time with trailers for future PS5 games. And jokes from the gaming community about the next-generation console’s open console design. This is based on the well-known dual-sensor controller and looks very futuristic compared to the Xbox Series X. However, the PlayStation 5 does not prevent it from passing through cocoa.

In addition, on PS5 there will be a new game about Spider-Man in the person of Miles Morales. Which is called Spider-Man: Miles Morales

  • The final part of the trilogy about the silent killer Hitman III
  • A basketball simulator from 2K NBA 2K21,
  • An action called Pragmata
  • Exclusives Project Athena
  • Oddworld Soulstorm
  • Little Devil Inside and Returnal, as well as a remake of Demon Souls.

The previous Sony PlayStation 4 console became the most popular console of its generation. It has sold over 100 million devices since the start of sales in November 2013. Now the PlayStation 5 must try to update the record, competing with the Xbox Series X. Which is also scheduled for release at the end of the year.

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