iPhone 12 will look like ipad style: appear online

iPhone 12 will look like ipad style: appear online

A well-known insider posted photos of the layout of the future iPhone 12 series on Twitter. As previously reported, the design of the new model is indeed similar to the iPad Pro-smartphone with a metal frame. However, Apple has not officially confirmed this information.

Sonny Dixon’s internal Twitter account added a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Three smartphones can be seen in the photo to understand the appearance of Apple’s new products.

“This is the first iPhone 12 layout in three sizes-5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.7 inches. Flat edge, triple camera. Diskon writes: The cutout and camera may be different, but this situation looks very good hope.

Earlier, if you believed the leaked information, there were reports that models equipped with a 5.4-inch display. The display will be equipped with dual cameras. While the three-in-one is only used for “old models”.

This data is not official-usually, Apple will keep the information about the new version confidential before releasing it.

The iPhone 12 is similar to the new iPad Pro (2018) for the first time and became well known in April this year. Then there is news that the end of the new product line will be made of stainless steel and the corners are not as smooth as the iPhone 11.

It is also reported that Apple is working on options to reduce the “bangs” on the upper edge of the selfie camera and Face ID sensor. So in the 2020 product lineup, the gap may become less obvious.

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In addition, according to rumors, the screen refresh rate of some smartphones in the iPhone 12 series will be 120 Hz. The refresh rate of the screen provides a smoother, more “live” image under dynamic conditions. A screen supporting 120 Hz has been installed in the new iPad Pro.

Most likely, only flagship models will receive the updated display. While the remaining models will remain standard for 60 Hz smartphones.

At the same time, the entire production line may be equipped with OLED screens. Which previously could only be installed on expensive models.

Apple is expected to release four new smartphones with different screen sizes immediately. The approximate price of gadgets is also well known. For example, the iPhone 12 starts at $649, the iPhone 12 Max starts at $749, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $1,099.

As for the appearance of the iPhone 12, then this year’s date is still worth discussing. Traditionally, new Apple smartphones will be shown to the public in the second half of September. But this year the parts supply has been interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the event may be delayed. One of Apple’s partners, Broadcom, confirmed this information – usually, smartphone manufacturers will place orders a few months before the product launch.

If Apple plans to catch up before September, orders for parts will reach Broadcom this quarter, but Apple’s suppliers claim that this year’s situation is different.

In addition, Broadcom CEO Hawk Tan said in a conference call with company analysts that the release of the “major products” of “major North American brands” will be delayed, which may directly imply that the iPhone 12 will not be released. According to the plan.

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