What Electronic Arts revealed at EA Play 2020

What Electronic Arts revealed at EA Play 2020

Like many other events this year, one of the largest gaming exhibitions, E3, is also held online. What is the peculiarity of the new game in the Star Wars universe? How the world of Dragon Age 4 will look like and whether Apex Legends has waited for its cross-play

The network hosted a speech at “EA Play 2020”. Which replaced the mature game exhibition E3 held in Los Angeles each year. Due to the situation of the coronavirus, the incident has been converted to an online form. And it has not stopped sharing upcoming exclusive news with gamers worldwide.

One of the striking announcements of EA Play 2020 was the presentation of a new event in the “royal battle” Apex Legends, which starts on June 23.

In addition, in the fall, the game will appear on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch console.

At the same time, Crossplay will be launched in Apex Legends-players will be able to play on different platforms.

It also introduces the gameplay of the “Star Wars: Squadron” game, allowing you to try to play the role of a pilot in the Star Wars universe. Players will be able to try their own hands in the battle between the New Republic and the Empire. Both factions will receive unique warships to be customized.

In addition to the main plot, the player will be able to participate in “five by five” air battles. As well as battles of the flotillas, where two squadrons must complete tasks for the successful completion of the mission.

The release of Star Wars: Squadrons is scheduled for October 2, 2020.

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The new project is called It Takes Two.

In this story, a little girl struggled with her parents’ divorce. He made two dolls out of wood and clay. These dolls suddenly come to life. According to Pharez, “it took two hours” will remind players of the “crazy roller coaster journey”. The game will be released in 2021.

July 14 will be the release of the new multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena in the “cartoon” style. The player will be available ten characters with their own unique abilities. The announcement of the Rocket Arena took place last year, but now it’s a stone’s throw before the release. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Not without the presentation of the next generation of games.

So, in the general video, shots of the new parts of the Need For Speed ​​and Battlefield franchises, as well as Dragon Age 4, were shown. Unfortunately, there were no exact dates in this video, so the release time remains a mystery.

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