What Apple has missed talking about iPadOS and iOS 14

What Apple has missed to talk about iPadOS and iOS 14

Introducing the upcoming version of the iOS mobile platform, Apple managers focused on various new developments and features. In fact, spectacular points were left without an official rating.

This was only briefly seen when, during the presentation of iOS 14, an overview of all the innovations appeared on the screen. For the first time, Apple will provide the user with the opportunity to choose their own standard application for the Internet and email. So far, users have never managed to escape from Safari and Mail. And when they click a link in another application or send an email, their own programs always come to the fore.

Starting with iOS 14 and, accordingly, with iPadOS 14, users can now set their own preferences. Therefore, it is possible to set Google Chrome as the default browser, for example, and always process emails in Microsoft Outlook. The corresponding change is officially listed in the release list of the new version of iOS at a rather low level.


Application Approval Changes

Apple also responded to renewed discussions about the app review process by the AppStore team. In the future, developers will not only be able to object to rejecting the application they submit. It will also be possible to challenge the core policy on their own. This should lead to a separate check of whether the issues under consideration really make sense.

In addition, bug fixes should be faster achieved in applications that are already listed in the store. Updates are no longer delayed in case of contentious issues but instead remain with the user. The developer is only notified of the problem and must make sure that it is fixed in the next update.

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Among other things, the changes should also help Apple better position itself in a complex legal network. Because antitrust authorities have recently shifted their attention to the group more and more. Some concessions may help alleviate company criticism.

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