Microsoft closes its streaming platform

Microsoft closes its streaming platform

Microsoft announced the closure of another project-a streaming media platform for Mixer games. Despite a large amount of money invested, the service failed to compete with Twitch. And Twitch now occupies a blank market position by itself.

According to Mashable, Microsoft has announced the closure of its Mixer game streaming platform. At the same time, it is recommended that users of the service switch to Facebook games.

The mixer was launched on January 5, 2016, but the platform failed to compete with a similar Twitch platform, which is currently the dominant game streaming media.

“At the beginning, monthly active Mixer viewers lag. Microsoft game director Phil Spencer said. “I think the Mixer community will be able to leverage the assets of the many audiences that Facebook has. ”

Starting July 22, all Mixer websites and applications will be automatically redirected to Facebook Gaming.

The mixer is Microsoft’s attempt to enter the game streaming market. Considering that in the 2010s. The company has become a major player in the video game industry through PC and Xbox, so investment in streaming services seems very logical. However, the IT giant failed to beat Amazon-owned Twitch- millions of users who watch daily broadcasts use competitors’ platforms every day.

However, it cannot be said that such a decision was long overdue. Moreover, it is now a strange idea to abandon the mixer, Mashable points out.

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The fact is that less than a year ago, Microsoft signed an exclusive contract with the popular Ninja and Shroud streamers, each of which received tens of millions of dollars in funding from the brand. So they left Twitch and started playing on Mixer.

The project may not prove its rationality, and Microsoft no longer realizes the significance of continuing the project. Both companies stated that they are now willing to accept other offers and pointed out that Microsoft has paid them all the arrears.

It’s worth noting that this is not Microsoft’s first major project. And was closed because it could not compete with other market participants.

We are talking about the Windows Phone operating system, whose discontinuation of production is known in 2019.

The mobile operating system Windows Phone was created 10 years ago as an alternative to iOS and Android, but it has never had the same success as the Apple and Google projects. According to Terry Myerson, the former head of the Windows department, the Windows Phone experience is extremely difficult. The team has an innovation plan that cannot be implemented.

“It’s really difficult. But the industry is growing faster than we are,” Myerson said.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) admitted to using Android smartphones. And the project ended Windows Phone before the project was announced. He said that although Gates actually installed many Microsoft applications on his smartphone, this step still showed that he-Windows Phone not only did not get popular but also more inconvenient to use than Android or iOS.

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