Google Pixel 4a certified by the FCC, smartphone could start soon

Google: But not a Pixel 5 XL, but a Pixel 4a 5G

Although Google has been working on the Pixel 4a for some time, it is still unknown when the smartphone will see the light of day. FCC certification now includes early launch. Release in the fall is becoming more likely.

Google Pixel 4a has been certified by the US regulatory agency FCC. This means that nothing is stopping the launch in the United States. Theoretically, a release could take place in the coming days. Without a major crisis, the smartphone could have been launched in May. It is believed that Google has not yet shown the Pixel 4a just because of the difficult market situation.

Google Pixel 4a certified by the FCC, smartphone could start soon

The device could appear as pixel 5a

Due to the long shift, it is possible that the Google Pixel 4a will not be released to the market under the name Pixel 4a. The search group could introduce a smartphone only in the fall and, thus, together with the future flagship model Pixel 5. Therefore, it would be possible for the device to be renamed without further delay and sold as Pixel 5a. However, since the packaging of the smartphone has already leaked, and the Pixel 4a has probably already been produced in sufficient quantities, renaming for Google is likely to be very time-consuming.

According to previous information, the Google Pixel 4a is a mid-range smartphone. For the 128 gigabyte version, you need 349 euros. The device is likely equipped with a Snapdragon 730, six gigabytes of RAM, and a 5.81-inch display. They say that the XL option has been completely removed this year.

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Google Pixel 4a XL selected image appeared

In the past few weeks, people know that Google Pixel 4a will only be available in a single version. Now, the CAD file has been leaked, which indicates that the XL model was previously planned. Rendered images were made for this purpose.

The leaked CAD file came from Twitter user “xleaks7”. These pictures were published in collaboration with Pigtou. The size of Google Pixel 4a XL should be 154.3 x 73.9 x 8.2 mm, and a camera hole should be provided on the display. The design is slightly different from Google Pixel 4a. There is no information about the internal components.

Google Pixel 4a XL selected image appeared

On the back is a square camera module, which obviously should contain two lenses. In addition, Google Pixel 4a XL should have a fingerprint sensor and headphone jack.

Google Pixel 4a XL selected image appeared

The reason for the cancellation remains unclear

Why Google chose not to release the Google Pixel 4a XL is still unclear. There may be many reasons. It is conceivable that due to the corona crisis, Google classified smartphones as uneconomical and was therefore eliminated.

Google Pixel 4a not yet announced

The standard version of Google Pixel 4a has not yet been released. However, the device should not be set up. According to the latest information, the smartphone should appear in July. In the past few years (and therefore in early May), previous models have been introduced on Google I / O.

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  1. Google’s constant postponements are an embarrassment to the company.

    It’s hard to believe that this is accidental. Much easier to believe that this is simple marketing, and not based on anything other than exploiting current events in order to make the most profit they can.

    But they have blown it at my house. My wife got her new iPhone SE. I’m still waiting for the 4a, but my wallet is being tempted by the many other attractive technology out there.

    I wonder how many other sales Google has lost like this.

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