watchOS 7 supports Apple Watch to run shortcut commands locally

watchOS 7 supports Apple Watch to run shortcut commands locally

After the official version of watchOS 7 is released this fall. Apple Watch users will be able to run commands on the Apple Watch without connecting to the iPhone, thereby greatly expanding the watch’s functions.

Apple Watch shortcuts are expected to provide powerful one-click triggers for complex operations. Such as launching Apple Music playlists, managing HomeKit devices, querying Siri processes, and more. Many of these features will be first used on Apple wearable devices through watchOS 7.

watchOS 7 supports Apple Watch to run shortcut commands locally

On Monday, Apple announced support for watchOS Siri keyboard shortcuts, although Apple did not specify how this feature works. In particular, it is unclear whether the shortcut command will be provided as an independent local operation on the Apple Watch or as a remote trigger when it is connected to the iPhone.

Apple answered this question at a developer conference on Friday and noted that the watch can run shortcuts locally without connecting an iPhone.

Watch OS o

There are several factors when processing shortcut commands. First, consider the type of shortcut command. If the operation is NSUserActivity, watchOS 7 will find a working host application. Missing an application will result in an error message. Likewise, shortcuts are designed to be processed locally in Watch using app extensions or remotely on the iPhone as a backup.

The new command-line application provides users with the synchronization function between iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS via iCloud. In watchOS 7, shortcuts can also be used as complex functions for dials.

watchOS 7 joins the long-rumored sleep concern

In addition to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS 11.0 Big Sur, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) tentatively introduces watchOS 7, built into future Apple Watch, which includes hearing attention and asleep management solution. Also innovative is the attempt to add automatic handwashing detection.

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1. Support sleep attention

Compared to other smartwatch manufacturers, watchOS 7 finally allows Apple Watch to initially support the sleep focus function and provides a complete set of sleep management solutions to help users go to bed on time and develop the habit of going to bed to get the necessary sleep. Using a clock sensor that allows you to detect insignificant breathing movements during sleep, the Apple Watch can record the user’s sleep time every night, and the personal sleep trend is presented in a graph every week, and sleep data is encrypted and stored in the Apple Watch or additionally synchronized via iCloud. A function exists in iCloud.

Apple watch OS

Establishing regular sleep habits helps people sleep better. For this reason, the small Wind Down Watch Watch 7 feature helps users develop sleep habits using the Apple Watch and iPhone, including setting up scenes in the Home app and listening to soothing background music. Or use the meditation app.

Apple Watch provides a quiet tactile alarm clock or a soft ringtone to wake the user, and the current power is displayed on the watch screen. If the Apple Watch’s battery runs out within 1 hour before bedtime, it will automatically prompt you to charge, the author notes that the charging frequency of the Apple Watch is almost once a day. If you want to pay attention to sleep, you cannot charge the clock at night. Use attention.

2.Types of physical education and fitness applications

The fitness training app is one of the popular Apple Watch apps: watchOS 7 offers four new types of dancing, basic exercises, functional strength training, and relaxation exercises in the fitness training app.

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Among them, in order to correctly calculate calorie consumption in dancing, Apple Watch’s built-in sensor technology combines heart rate sensor data with input from an accelerometer and gyroscope to measure various dynamic characteristics between the body and arm when dancing. In this category, 4 popular dance styles are used for testing and testing, including aerobics, hip hop, Latino and Bollywood.

In addition, the redesigned activity recording app on the iPhone has now been renamed the fitness app and provides an easy way to display information.

3.Auto HandWash Detection

Every day, you should develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently, this time after a new epidemic situation with coronary pneumonia occurs, this shows the importance of frequent hand washing.

To this end, watchOS 7 made an innovative attempt by first adding automatic handwashing detection. It uses motion sensors, microphones, and built-in machine learning technology to automatically detect user movements when washing hands and make sounds. As soon as hand washing begins, it will start for up to 20 seconds. If the user stops early, he will be reminded to continue washing his hands. In addition, the Apple Watch can also automatically remind users that they should wash their hands when they return home, and the frequency and length of time that users wash their hands will be displayed in the iPhone’s health app.

Handwash detection

4.Customize surface and sharing features

The surface is at the core of the Apple Watch experience. In addition to being able to quickly view important information, it also allows users to create their own style for the Apple Watch. watchOS 7 introduces new surface updates to provide more personalized features, it can also be used to creatively customize personalized surfaces and share them with friends through messages or emails, or through the App Store, even websites or social networking sites. carry out investigations.

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