Galaxy Fold 2 passed 3C certification: with 25W charger

Galaxy Z Fold 2: Leaked firmware with details of the outer display

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has been appearing for several months, and now it seems that the folding smartphone of the new generation of the Korean giant will be officially unveiled next month.

Media usually expect this device to be released on August 5, and the smartphone has passed 3C certification. Which revealed some details of the device. Including support for 5G connectivity. Galaxy Fold 2 will be equipped with a 25W charger.

Previous related news revealed that the smartphone will be equipped with a 7.59-inch flexible display. Compared to the original Fold, the Galaxy Fold 2 will provide a higher screen ratio. It is expected that the screen will have a screen resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels and an aspect ratio of 11.8: 9. And also supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, it is expected that it will be equipped with a larger external screen.

Galaxy Fold 2 passed 3C certification: with 25W charger

In terms of configuration, the device can be equipped with a Snapdragon 865 or newer. But not released Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC. There are also 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

The back can use a combination of three frames: 64 megapixels + 16 megapixels + 12 megapixels. But the camera configuration for self-photography is unclear. The phone is expected to run on a 4 365 mAh battery.

Although the company did not confirm this, the next Galaxy Unpacked event is expected to take place on August 5th.

| renders: Galaxy Fold 2 design, camera position

There is another look up from the well-known leaker Ice Universe. After he has already revealed details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, he has now published a mockup that should show the new camera arrangement of the Fold 2.

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@UniverseIce has revealed the new details on Twitter again, following up on a previous publication about the new dimensions of the Galaxy Fold 2. He presented two mockups that are supposed to show the fold in the open and in the closed state. The main focus is on the arrangement of the camera. It has now moved to the middle of the split panel. It is not entirely clear whether it is the final design of the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy fold 2

The Chinese are known for their Samsung leaks and use well-informed sources – but you can never tell how much substance each rumor has. The pictures of the Fold 2 are always interesting. For a long time, there has been controversy about how the Koreans can fix the biggest problems of their folding smartphone. This also includes design-related problems during use. Accordingly, there were many different theories and leaks.

|Presentation in a few weeks

So far, Samsung has not said anything about the planned release date of the second generation of the fold. It is likely that Samsung will launch the Fold 2 worldwide this year. The presentation of the Fold 2 should be planned as part of the Galaxy Note presentation. The traditional Galaxy Note 20 Unpacked event is scheduled for August 5, as is known. It would only be a few weeks now before the Koreans will present the two new models in the Note and Fold series.

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