Medion and Aldi are introducing Inexpensive fitness tracker from July 16

Medion and Aldi present a low-cost fitness tracker that will be available nationwide at discounter branches from July 16. The new Life S3600 competes with popular sports gadgets such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for less than 25 euros.

If you want to inspire your customers’ New Year’s decisions with the Medion Life S3500 in January, the successor to the fitness tracker will take part during the summer holidays. The Life S3600 is again sold directly on the spot at the Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd branches but at a price of 24.24 euros cheaper than its predecessor. The chic sports bracelet advertised in the prospectus starts on July 16 (Thursday). It is offered in the colors black, blue, purple, and pink. Delivery through the Aldi Deliveries online store is currently not planned.

Medion and Aldi are introducing Inexpensive fitness tracker from July 16

A classic fitness tracker with mini display and 7-day battery  from July 16

Technically, the Medion Life S3600 uses a 0.96-inch color display and a waterproof plastic case in accordance with the IP68 standard. The Lenovo branch estimates battery life up to seven days. It is depending on the activity of the built-in heart rate monitor and the sporting intensity of the user.

Also on board, there is the monitoring of various sports, night sleep (sleep tracking). And classic calorie content and a pedometer. The new fitness tracker also delivers notifications from smartphones to a sports bandage that is connected via Bluetooth and personalized through the Medion Fitness app for Google Android and Apple iOS.

Medion and Aldi are introducing Inexpensive fitness tracker from July 16

The Medion Life S3600 is faced with competition, mainly from well-known brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung. Which are fighting for customers in the same price range. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a popular entry into the world of fitness trackers for discount hunters, whose characteristics at Aldi are almost identical. However, unlike Medion, the Chinese manufacturer even promises a battery life of up to 20 days. Mi Band 4 is shown in price comparisons from 23.95 euros.

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The new discounter alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Medion Life S3600 fitness tracker is widely touted. The sports bracelet for health monitoring is based on a color display a little less than one inch in size. In addition to the classic step and calorie counter, it also offers a heart rate monitor and the ability to analyze sleep (sleep tracking). According to the manufacturer, the battery life should be about seven days, up to 12 sports are supported. And the case is also protected from water and dust in accordance with the IP67 standard.

The Medion Life S3600 fitness tracker is available in two different colors for € 24.44. The bracelet has a normal clasp and can be replaced if desired.  The smartwatch alternative will be available only at Aldi branches. Delivery through the online store is initially impossible. The same applies to the Medion Life E62132 sports headphones. They visually resemble Beats Powerbeats In-Ears wireless headphones and cost only 14.99 euros.

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