Analyst: iPhone 12 prices are still slightly higher without headphone & charger

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Although there are reports that this year Apple will not use headphones and chargers in the iPhone 12 model. The analyst believes that the price will still increase slightly compared to the iPhone 11 series.

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According to analyst Jeff Pu predicted that the pricing of the new 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will start at $749, an increase of $50 from the base model iPhone 11 at $699. Pu said that the price is mainly due to the addition of 5G support and OLED screens on all ‌iPhone 12‌ models. While the basic model ‌iPhone 11‌ only uses an LCD screen.

Because of the adoption of 5G technology, Pu believes that the price increase will be “accepted by consumers” and “will not affect demand”. But if the rumors of “earring out” the EarPods and charger from the box, the move will still be controversial.

According to Pu’s forecast, the initial price of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 could be $ 799, or $ 849. Therefore, buyers who want to stick to the same size as the iPhone 11 may face a big price increase of $ 100-150. It is unclear whether price increases will apply to the Pro and Pro Max models. The current starting prices for these two products are $ 999 and $ 1,099, respectively.

This forecast contradicts the information shared by lecturer John Prosser, who claims that the iPhone 12 series will cost $ 649.

|Attachment: US dollar price conversion

  • US$50
  • $100
  • USD 150
  • USD 649
  • US$699
  • US$749
  • USD 999
  • 1099 USD

|Specific discount price changes:

  • iPhone XS Max: $534.28 to $520.03 (down $14.25)
  • IPhone XS‌: $491.54 to $413.18 (down $78.36 )
  • iPhone XR: $334.82 (unchanged)
  • IPhone‌X: $327.69 to $313.44  (down $14.25)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 8 Plus: $270.70 to $242.21 (down $28.49)
  • IPhone‌ 8: $213.71 to $185.22 (down $28.49 )
  • IPhone‌ 7 Plus: $192.34 to $185.22 (down $7.12)
  • IPhone‌7: $142.47  to  $113.98  (down $28.49)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 6s Plus: $85.48 (unchanged)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 6s: $85.48 to $64.11 (down $21.37)
  • ‌IPhone‌6: $56.99 to $49.87 (down $7.12)
  • ‌IPhone‌SE (1st Gen):  $85.48 to $92.61  (add $7.12)
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Apple iphone price change

Apple iphone price change

In addition, on the official website of the iPhone 11, the price accepted by Apple is the price received as a result of the redemption of the iPhone 8 Plus. However, with the purchase price declining, this price changed from $569.76 to $598.25.

Iphone 11 price

|Previous discount price (based on iPhone 8 Plus)

Apple iphone price list

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