Xiaomi Mi Band 5 global version Packaging omits NFC & SpO2

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 global version Packaging omits NFC & SpO2

The announcement of the global model is expected this month. The global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be disappointed by the lack of NFC

In China, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is expected to be all the rage, but the bracelet has not yet launched a global version. It will be called Mi Smart Band 5, and new data indicates that it will be worse than Chinese.

The photos of the packaging of the global version of the bracelet appear on the Internet, including the description of the functions and parameters on the back. The problem is that there is no mention of NFC, Alexa’s voice assistant, and the function of determining the oxygen saturation (SpO2) in the blood.

Mi band 5

|Packaging omits NFC, Alexa, and SpO2

However, there seems to be an explanation for this. Obviously, the global model Mi Smart Band 5 is a copy of the Chinese version of Mi Band 5 without NFC. Given the rumors about the existence of the Mi Band5 Pro model (Mi Smart Band 5 Pro), we can assume that it will receive the missing features.

Xiaomi Mi band golobal version

|Global activity tracker packaging omits more

It seems that a few packaging images of the global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can help solve some recent puzzles about the popular activity tracker. This wearable device is called Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 outside of the Chinese domestic market and is expected to be released this month. So it’s not surprising that some of the packaging drawings leaked.

The two images (see below) clearly indicate that this is Xiaomi Mi Smart Band5 at the exhibition, so this is a global model. If you enlarge the text on the back of the window, you can see that it is written in English, with a list of compatibility and contents displayed. According to the original image poster, there are no signs of NFC, Alexa, or XiaoAI or SpO2 blood oxygen monitor with this particular band.

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Xiaomi Mi band golobal version

However, it was noted that this Xiaomi Smart Band 5 is similar to the Kongming L model, which is a cheaper version of the Chinese Mi Band5 tracker without advanced features such as NFC, etc. Apparently, the global version has been downloaded and displayed instructions in English (“Pair with Mi Fit”), so you need to ask a question about what happened to the above functions, which were supposed to appear in the global model?

|Possibly held back for a Pro model

Well, the answer to this may have already leaked a couple of times. It seems that the smart group Pro model is under development, and perhaps this version will bring NFC, Alexa, and the SpO2 sensor to the future owners of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band5 (Pro). At least future Xiaomi fans know that soon they will be able to get a global version of the activity tracker, regardless of what features may not be available in this particular model.


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