New problem detected after Update to EMUI 10.1 and EMUI 10.0

New problem detected after Update to EMUI 10.1 and EMUI 10.0

Some users have had problems with the battery since the update to EMUI 10.1 or EMUI 10 was installed

Huawei is currently releasing an update for EMUI 10.1 for many models. In addition, some older smartphones have recently been updated to EMUI 10.0. However, some users now report battery problems after installing the appropriate update.

As you know, at present, Huawei is releasing EMUI 10.1 for many different smartphones and thus provides them with new features. The company recently announced the exact time periods when which model should or should have received an update for EMUI 10.1. Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, and Mate 20 X 5G are already delivered.

Update to EMUI 10.1 and EMUI 10.0: Users report problems with the battery

However, there seem to be several problems upgrading to the new version of EMUI. The Source reported, referring to the messages of some users. You have problems with the battery of devices after upgrading EMUI to the current version 10.1. In addition, this probably also applies to the EMUI 10 update for Huawei P20 and Co.

Affected users mostly talk about two issues. First, some vulnerable devices should not charge more than 60 percent. Then the charging process stops and a message appears that advises you to contact Huawei support. According to Huawei, this problem is caused by a too warm or cold environment during the charging process. However, most affected users report after installing the appropriate updates that the battery runs out much faster, which means that the battery life is much shorter.

However, it should also be noted that only a few users are likely to have battery problems. So this does not seem to be a big problem. In addition, Huawei is already responding to this and corrects the second flaw. B. Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro with the June security update. The fix is ​​likely to reach other affected models soon.

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These 39 models of Huawei and Honor smartphones have already received EMUI 10.1

Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei has released an EMUI 10.1 firmware update for Huawei P40 series smartphones back in March. Since then, the company has been gradually expanding the list of smartphones for which new firmware is available.

Huawei has published a list of 39 Huawei and Honor devices for which the EMUI 10.1 shell is available. Recall that in the case of Honor smartphones, we are talking about Magic UI 3.1, which is an almost complete copy of EMUI 10.1.

It is important to note that the update is available not only in China but also in Western Europe, Northeast Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, Latin America, Canada, and Japan.

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To download this update, users usually have two options. You can choose the boot option from the “System Settings” section or from the support application.

There are two ways to download the update:

  • Settings> System> Software Update> Check for Updates
  • Open the support application> Services> Update> Check for Updates

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