PlayStation 5 controller : New image leaked for the Playstation

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Sony has doubled the production of the PlayStation 5 to prepare for a new racing game console. There is also a photo on the Internet showing the new PS5 controller in the wild.

It was originally planned that Sony will release only 5 million units of the new PlayStation 5 this year. Due to the crown pandemic, resources are limited this year and production costs are higher. In fact, more PS5 should be produced in March 2021. However, now Sony seems to have upset this plan, as the interest and demand for the new PlayStation 5 are very high.

According to Bloomberg, Sony then doubled the production of the PlayStation 5. At the same time, the group wants to prepare for the start of unsettled start date. In total, the manufacturer now wants to release 10 million units of the next-generation game console by the end of the year. However, this will create some problems in the current global situation.

The first photo of the new PS5 controller

It is not yet known when the new PlayStation 5 will be released. Since the highly discussed version of the new game console was introduced in June, it has been pretty quiet. Rumor has it that new information should appear at the beginning of this week, but this has not happened. Sony may hold a new event in August, and then finally officially announce additional information, such as the price and launch date of the new PS5.

PS5 controller sighted?

But there is still news from the front of the Leader. They say that a Twitter user, Gamezawy, has already managed to get the DualSense controller of the new PlayStation 5. He recorded it in the photo.

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The first photo of the new PS5 controller.jpg

It is not entirely clear whether this is a real photograph or a fake, as it was with some published photographs. The photo itself makes a very real impression. The controller looks good and fits in size, so it can be real. So this may be the first photo of the new PS5 controller in the wild – or a very well-made fake.


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