AMD 7nm desktop APU set the potential to be tapped: easily comparable to ordinary alone

7nm desktop APU set the potential to be tapped: easily comparable to ordinary alone

It is reported that AMD will officially release the 7nm Ruilong desktop processor on July 21.

In recent years, several Ruilong 4000G series processors have stealthily appeared many times. This time we will focus on Jixian performance.

In the ES chip, the Vega 8 frequency setting is only 1.7 GHz, not the 2.1 GHz serial movies. But thanks to this product, the frequency rises to 2400 MHz. Which corresponds to the DDR4-4200 memory.

In 3DMark Firestrike (1080P load) the Ryzen 7 4700G is around 5100 points. While Firestrike Extreme (2K load) is around 2700 points.

What level is it?

The RX 550 / RX 460 scored around 3900 points in Firestrike. The Vega 8 from the Ryzen 7 4700G performed much better, on the same level as the NVIDIA GTX 950.

Judging by the latest tests, the Ryzen 4000G series processors, whether CPU or GPU, has excellent overclocking capabilities and can reach their full potential.

In addition, based on the ASRock B550 motherboard, ITCooker surpassed the AMD Ryzen 5 4400G (AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G) to 4.625 GHz (1.425 V).

AMD adds a new global academician:

AMD recently announced that it has appointed architect Alex Starr as a Corporate Fellow.

Global Academics are the highest ranks of AMD’s technical posts and currently, only 7 people have won this honor.

It is believed that Alex Starr made an outstanding contribution to the development of hardware emulation and virtualization technology developed by her technology. Which was adopted by all departments of AMD products. It is significantly reduced the time spent on silicon chips and review silicon chips. So that the company can quickly adapt to market needs and Run the appropriate product.

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According to data, Starr has been working at AMD for nearly 15 years and is a respected pioneer in the verification methods of CPU and GPU processors and complex SoCs. AMD claims that his deep industry experience and innovation enable AMD to continue to execute its technology roadmap and improve its competitive position in the industry.

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