Trouble again with update to EMUI 10.1: Huawei removed two popular functions

Trouble again with update to EMUI 10.1: Huawei removed two popular functions

As some users report, Huawei has removed two popular features from EMUI 10.1. This annoys many users, especially since some had already had problems with the battery after the update.

Just a few days ago we reported that some users have problems with the battery in their smartphone after the update to EMUI 10.1. Among other things, there is talk of a significantly faster discharge. In addition, some users observe that their devices only charge up to 60 percent and then cancel the charging process. Here Huawei is already solving the problem.

Now HuaweiCentral, citing some users, reports that there is even more trouble with EMUI 10.1. They report that Huawei has completely removed two popular functions in the new EMUI version, which is currently being distributed to more and more devices, which some users are now sorely missing.

The first function is the so-called “Call Recorder”. This function enables smartphone owners to record phone calls and listen to them again later. This may make sense in one situation or another, for example when the partner passes a shopping list on the phone.

In previous versions of EMUI, the call recorder could be activated via the settings of the telephone – even if with EMUI 10 only with a little trick. This function should no longer be activated under EMUI 10.1. This even applies to the detour, which is described in the community on the official Huawei website. It describes how there is still a way to continue using the Call Recorder when updating to EMUI 10. However, the steps mentioned there (installation of an AKP) had to be carried out before the update. Under EMUI 10.1 there should currently be no way to activate this function.

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Huawei has also removed the option to set the resolution of the camera in the camera app. This was previously possible in combination with the aspect ratio of the pictures. The format of the images can still be changed. Choices and information about the resolution are no longer there.

It is questionable whether the two missing functions will return with the launch of EMUI 11 in autumn . Apart from these two restrictions, Huawei also has many new functions ready with the introduction of EMUI 10.1

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