Apple A14 chip in the iPhone 12 should be significantly faster

Apple A14 chip in the iPhone 12 should be significantly faster

The Apple A14 chipset is even more important this year than before, as it should also form the basis for the first Apple Silicon Macs that will run with an extended Apple A14X variant. Even the A14 planned for the iPhone 12 is likely to gain massive GPU and CPU performance, as a leaker may have revealed in advance. Qualcomm will have to make an effort.

In September, Apple will be one of the first manufacturers to advertise 5nm processors, Huawei will also rely on smaller structures with the Kirin 1000 SoC, which will last be used in the Mate 40, but will then have to be due to the US. Sanctions will pause first. Competitors like MediaTek and Qualcomm are treading on the heels of Apple and Huawei, but we don’t expect 5nm processors like the Snapdragon 875 until spring 2021, at least in new smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series.

Apple a14 chips

Apple, on the other hand, will release the 12th generation iPhone this year, albeit a few weeks later than usual. Apple’s A14 chipset will be even more important this year than before, as it not only features new iPhones and iPods, but also the first ARM Macs with Apple Silicon instead of Intel chips. Even the basic version of the Apple A14 should give a significant performance boost over the Apple A13 Bionic used in the iPhone 11 or iPhone SE. (the last one on Amazon from € 477)

According to Leaker Komiya

Performance increases every year, but this year Apple is likely to crash again. According to Leaker Komiya, the Apple A14 should offer +40 percent multi-core performance over the A13, and we can even expect 50 percent more speed in terms of GPU performance. Acceleration is likely to be so great because the smaller width of the structure promises higher efficiency. With more cores and potentially higher clock speeds, the Apple A14X should also continue to grow in the next iPad Pros and the first Apple Silicon-powered MacBooks. Let’s hope that the information about the speaker is correct.

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CPU increased by 40% than A13 GPU increased by 50%

TSMC’s 5nm process is expected to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of the Apple A14 Bionic chip, making the upcoming iPhone 12 series a powerful device. The A13 Bionic is actually way ahead and the next A14 Bionic is sure to be even more exciting.

Twitter spokesman @Komiya presented information on the A14 chip today. He believes that compared to the A13, the new chip will provide a 40% increase in CPU, while the GPU will be more progressive. According to him, the A14 GPU will be able to increase the performance by 50% over the A13 GPU, thus providing powerful graphics processing capabilities for all iPhone 12 models.

As for the distribution of performance cores and efficiency of the bionic A14 chip, it is not mentioned. However, according to the previous description, the A14 Bionic is faster than the bionic A12X in the 2018 iPad Pro. The data mentions a total of six processor cores.

Apple A14 chip in the iPhone 12 should be significantly faster

This could mean Apple will find a way to improve performance while maintaining the same number of cores. In a previous analysis, someone mentioned that the A14 Bionic might be faster than the 15-inch Intel-powered MacBook Pro. As for the true performance of this chip, it will only become known after the release of the iPhone 12.

Twitter = Komiya

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