Xbox Series X: Will we finally find out the price and start of sales in 3 weeks?

Xbox Series X SSD Expansion Card price leaked

Microsoft announced the “Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020”. We are very likely to finally find the price and related date of the new generation of Xbox in Japan.

Regarding the important information about the price and sales start of the new generation of game consoles, it still covers two opponents. After Sony pre-registered for the pre-orders of the new PlayStation 5, after taking some risks, it is now Microsoft’s turn.

But this may change at Microsoft in about three weeks-if Sony doesn’t come forward and let it go on September 9. On September 24, Microsoft will host the Xbox Xbox Game Showcase 2020 virtual Xbox event at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show. This happened at 2 pm German time.

It is not clear what Microsoft will show at this event. In the past, a lot of information about equipment and games was provided. In fact, there are only two basic questions left: When will the new Xbox Series X be released in November 2020, and what is its price? The date is always mentioned as November 5 or 6, 2020, and the price may be 499 euros. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Then, the “small” Xbox Series S will still be shown. After several unofficial confirmations by Microsoft, it is clear that it will come. It should appear almost at the same time, and only 299 euros for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which brings difficulties to life.

Therefore, Microsoft still has some information waiting for official confirmation. It remains to be seen whether all of this content will be revealed as part of the “Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020” on September 24, or whether fans must be patient.

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Source = Microsoft

Leak reveals the alleged prices of the next-gen consoles

Pricing and launch dates for PlayStation 5, PS5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S have been posted online. The source claims that these are not just rumors or speculation. If the data is correct, the Xbox could take a strong position against the PlayStation 5.

The announced prices and release dates for the next generation consoles have been posted online. The specified Twitter user claims to be “news” from credible sources, not rumors or speculation. The Twitter user mentioned is the infamous Roberto Serrano, who has been right a few times in the past. But also shared incorrect information about the PS5 launch. So you should be skeptical about that information.

According to Roberto Serrano, Microsoft will release its consoles first. The Xbox Series S is said to go on sale Thursday, November 5, while the Series X will go on sale the next day, Friday, November 6. This fits into a fairly reliable leak, so this date looks quite realistic. Sony, however, should wait a week and bring both versions of the PlayStation 5 on Friday, November 13th. This will be slightly earlier than the latest leak, which listed November 14 as the start date in Japan and November 20 for the global launch.

PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 DE Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
Release date November 13th November 13th November 6th November 6th
price € 499 € 399 € 499 € 299

Xbox Series X will cost “only” 499 euros while the Series S will cost 299 euros

That would give Microsoft a whole week to impress fans with the performance of its console and get them to buy. An earlier release is far from being enough for a successful start, the prices are likely to influence the decision of many customers. According to Roberto Serrano, the Xbox Series X will cost “only” 499 euros, despite the significantly higher performance compared to the competition, while the Series S will cost 299 euros – this also coincides with an earlier rumor.

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