Android 11 will be available for selected smartphones.

Android 11 will be available for selected smartphones.

Google today began to release the final version of Android 11 to the first batch of smartphones. Users of Pixel 2 or higher can already benefit from many new features. A large number of smartphones from other manufacturers should soon be able to use the new operating system.

Android 11 will be available for selected smartphones.

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Google announced in a blog post that Android 11 is ready and will be distributed to the first devices from now on. The new operating system will be distributed to the first smartphones from Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme. But Google has not released an exact timeline or a complete list of supported models. But Xiaomi already confirmed the first batch of a device who receive Android 11

An overview of the new features can be found on the official Android 11 website. This includes a large number of new features that not only make using smartphones more convenient but also more secure. For example, conversations from different applications can now be displayed separately from other push messages, and individual contacts can be prioritized so that important messages are never missed. You can even reply via “bubbles” without having to exit the current app.

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Ultimately, Android 11 can record its display, not just a screenshot, you can now record the display as a video. If you press and hold the power button on your smartphone, a new menu will appear allowing you to control smart home devices. As long as the respective vehicles support this function, Android Auto will also work wirelessly in the future.

The latest Android version can also better protect the privacy of users, for example, by automatically denying applications that are not used for a long time to access user information. It is now also possible to allow apps to use the camera or microphone in only one session. In the future, security updates can be distributed directly through Google Play, so operating system updates are no longer required.

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