Anton Logvinov: Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Game

Anton Logvinov: Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Game

Video logger Anton Loginov, who doesn’t need to be introduced in the latest video, said that a beautiful exhibition will be presented on PC4 soon. We’re talking about Horizon: Zero Dawn from the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is recalled that recently the head of the studio, Herman Holst, became president of SEE World Wide Studios as a result of the restructuring.

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Loginov has claimed that Horizon: Zero Dawn will appear on PC in February 2020, and is looking forward to announcing the event in the near future. The reason for the “unusual loss” is the audience’s familiarity with the product before the PS5 console release, where the second part of the game will undoubtedly appear.

Blogger does not exclude that Sony will continue to share immunity with a wider audience.

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