Review Canon Pixma TS5320 Wireless Inkjet

Review Canon Pixma TS5320 Wireless Inkjet


Canon Pixma TS5320


  • Good print quality overall.
  • Small and light.
  • Auto-duplexing print engine.
  • Borderless prints up to letter size.
  • Strong mobile device support.
  • Smart home voice-activation.


  • No ADF.
  • No SD card or USB thumb drive support.
  • High cost per page.
  • Wasteful four-color/two-cartridge system.

Table of Content

  • Full Story
  • Choosing the right PIXMA
  • Detailed Specification
  • Connectivity
  • Print Speed
  • Output Overall
  • Running Cost
  • Print and Copy Solution
  • Wireless Printing

At the end of 201, the Canon Pixma TS series of printers for the Pixa TS5320 Wireless All In One (.99.99). Printer Series is an update to the revised TS5120 here in March 2018. Like most Canon Photo Center TS photos (prints, copies, and scans), the TS5320 is relatively slow, but it prints photos especially. Another thing he mostly shares with the Pixmas TS series is the cost per page. Which is great for low-volume printing and copying solutions for both home and home office. there is.

Choosing the Right PIXMA

In addition to the previous version, the TS series includes a single-function (print only) PIXA TS702. And a multi-function model with an integrated scanner for copying and scanning documents and photos. Today’s budget TS5320 is the flagship of the group, presented at the highest prices on the Pixma TS3320.

Thanks to the latest multifunctional and fast editor, Choss Pixma TS9520 is an ideal place. For example, both scanners have automatic document feeders (ADFs) for sending multi-page documents. while other TS models have flatbed scanners capable of holding only one page at a time.

Two advanced Pixmas (8.5 by 11 inches) Pixmas, TS9120 and TS8320, boast six ink cartridges. They not only create four familiar CMY colours but also darken text and darken black areas. Photos are also used for black ink. Photos and photographs in blue that enhance the colour scheme of the printer and expand blue areas such as water and sky.

Specifications Canon PIXMA TS304 Inkjet Printer

Common parameters
Type of
inkjet printer
Canon PIXMA TS304
Manufacturer Code
Main colour
the black
Application area
for home
A printer
Printing technology
Print colour
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
Automatic duplex printing
Maximum format
Maximum resolution black and white printing
4800×1200 dpi
Black and white print speed (ppm)
7.7 ppm (A4)
Maximum Resolution for Color Printing
4800×1200 dpi
Colour Print Speed ​​(ppm)
4 ppm (A4)
Printing photos
there is
Printing time 10×15 cm (color)
65 sec
Supported Media Density
64 – 105 g / m2
Feed capacity
60 sheets
Print on
glossy photo paper, photo paper, plain paper
Expendable materials
Number of cartridges/bottles
Cartridge model
Canon PG-445, Canon CL-446, Canon PG-445XL, Canon CL-446XL
Cartridge Resource
180 pages, 400 pages
Color Cartridge Resource
180 pages
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB type B
Card reader
Memory card support
Mobile printing technology
Apple AirPrint (iOS), Mopria (Android), Google Cloud Print, WLAN PictBridge, Access Point Mode
Fonts and control languages
Management Language Support
Additional Information
Windows OS X
Information Display
Power consumption at work
10 watts
Standby Power Consumption
2.1 watts
The noise level during the work (dB)
45 dB
power cable, 2 FINE cartridges, user manuals and other documents, installation CD
scanning and copying using a smartphone, printing via Wi-Fi, borderless printing
Dimensions, weight
430 mm
143 mm
282 mm
The weight
2.9 kg

The TS5320 and TS3320 shown here are at opposite ends of the spectrum, literally. They not only adhere to the basic four-colour model, but they use only two tanks. One ink and the other red, green and blue ink. This arrangement is also found in the HP Desk Jet 3755 and many other inkjet printers for the internal surface. Which reduces ink consumption and increases operating costs because. When one of the three colour repositories is empty the entire cartridge must change.

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Canon Pixma TS5320

The Pixma TS5320 comes in four colours – black, white, pink and green, as shown above. In addition, while many high-end models of the TS series are equipped with colour touch screens to simulate and implement functions such as Duplicate, the TS5320 control panel is equipped with a 1.4-inch non-contact colour OLED display and there is an LED status bar that has several environments. Buttons containing navigation arrows and an OK button, as well as start and stop buttons for making copies.

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Canon Pixma TS5320

The amazing Printer Pixma measures 5.9 by 16.9 by 12.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 13.8 pounds. The printer is similar to closer to the size of the TS3320, although it weighs about five or five pounds more. The printer is also slightly smaller and lighter than some of Epson’s more powerful Express In-X-6100 Small In One.

Unlike Printer with one 60-sheet paper tray. This Printer Canon holds 200 sheets in two 200,100 sheet trays, one in the back and one in front. The previous feeder of the printer can also hold up to 20 sheets of photocopies the size of a character, all within the budget inkjet printer. The Printer TS5320 also has an automatic duplexer for duplex printing, which the TS3320 does not have. And it can print images up to the character size, instead of sticking to 5 inches 7 inches. You also get support for 3.5-inch and 5-inch square Instagram media formats.

Canon Pixma TS5320

Connectivity, Voice Activation, and Software

Standard connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low power consumption), which must be connected to a single PC via USB 2.0, and Pict Packet Bridge wireless mobile device support for printing from compatible Canon cameras. I include Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Mappriya, and the Canon Print app.

Like many consumer AIOs these days, the TS5320 supports voice printing and scanning through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers or smartphone apps. You can also deploy other platforms, including Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana, which use’s scripting technology and other sites using IFTTT (if they appear later).

Canon Pixma TS5320

The software package of the printer includes amazing Scan Utility (a reliable and easy-to-use scanner interface for Windows and Mac). Scan Utility Lite (a smaller version for Maco) and Easy Photo Print Editor software (for touching photos). Included. A people can also easily download the mobile version of Easy Photo Print Editor. which allows you to add and change pictures without moving the portable device to your computer.

Canon Message is a print application that can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and which allows you to embed printed messages – text, music, animation, video links and other printed images. , After installing the application, family, friends or colleagues can view the message or open the link while holding the camera on their mobile devices.

Print Speeds

Canon rated the TS5320 at 13 pages per minute (ppm). When I got this print speed from a USB 2.0 connection to our standard Intel Core i5 Teslade running Windows 10 Pro, AIO acquired our 12-page Microsoft Word text document at 12.7 ppm. connected. This is twice as much as the Pixma TS3320, 1.7 ppm before the Brother MFC-J497DW and 3 ppm before the Epson XP-6100.


I continued testing by printing in various sizes, including various business graphics and colour text in Adobe Acrobat business documents, Excel spreadsheets and charts, and PowerPoint handouts. I typed 4.4ppm along with these results in Word Figure. Once again he doubled the TS3320, tied his brother and pulled Epson at a speed of 2.2 ppm.

To finish, I took the TS5320 in an average of 32 seconds when it was creating our colourful and detailed 4 by 6-inch images. Once again, the Pixa TS3320 took almost twice as much time to hide the same images. while the MFC-J497 DW was comparable and the XP-6100 was about 8.8 seconds faster.

Output Overall

Canon PhotoCentric Christmas provides a generally darker output, with dark, well-readable. easy-to-read text and well-designed graphs and graphs that flow evenly, gradually and more Fill without streaks. Like many other colour printers that we examined. I saw light streaks in the PowerPoint graph on the entire page, which flows from dark green to black.

Although, like the Pixma TS series, images are a feature of the TS 5320. And at least four 100-inch AIOs for ink printed for our sample images. The colours were accurate, vibrant and vibrant, and the details were as good as I could expect from Canon image processing devices. Sure. This printer does not match the accuracy and detail of its siblings Deluxe Five and Six. But its image quality is certainly superior to the quality of the pharmacy.

Heel Running Costs

Since Canon does not publish page production estimates for its AIO ink tanks, it is difficult to calculate the exact operating costs. However, if we rely on the forecasts of the TS5320 and the next model, TS3320. It is relatively safe to assume that you spend 7 cents on each monochrome and 15 cents on a colour page. It is not too far from Brother MFC-J497 DW (6 cents in black and 16.5 cents in colour) and Epson Five Ink XP6100 (5 cents in black and 15-20 cents in colour).

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Yet, there are alternatives to spending so much money on ink these days. Many HP envy photo models support this company’s Instant Ink program. When you choose the highest monthly subscription of 300 copies for $ 9.99, then your running costs for all pages are at least 3.5. Cents remain at 5% or 100% ink coverage. Instant Ink is very useful if you print a lot of photos.

Another option, if you don’t mind spending too much (sometimes too much) on your initial purchases. Is the Canon Mega Tank and Epson Eco Tank machines with their gigantic ink supplies. Epson Eco-Tank ET2760 Eco-Tank – the choice of a universal printer and the choice of Canon Pixma G6020 editors. The All-in-One mega-tank comes to mind as they print black and colour pages in less than a penny.

But keep in mind that these and most bulk AIO inks are three to five times more expensive than their cartridges. And they charge good prices only if you have several hundred of them per month. Print over a thousand pages and photos. The more you type, the better the deal.

Print and Copy Solution

If you are looking for easy-to-use, low volume (100 to 200 pages per month) AIO output quality that is best. The Canon Pixma TS5320 is a good choice, especially if you are looking for it. Online, like me, costs about $ 99.99. Of course, it is expensive to use, but it matters whether you plan to print or copy many photos and documents every month. Otherwise, Pixma prints, copies and scans well and come with mobile communications. And production utilities that most households need, making it economical for many families and home offices. Becomes a smart choice.

Comparing the Canon Pixma TS 8320, TS 6320 & TS 5320

Printing and Ink Coast

So why does buying five or six cartridges make more sense than buying five? The answer to this question is just a waste. When you print colours, you don’t even separate the colours on each print. This means that if you are finished with yellow, but you have a lot of cyan left, you still have to replace the entire cartridge. This waste puts you in the place of ink for the price of precious time and money.

Canon XL tries to solve this problem by offering a package because you will replace the cartridge more often. The problem here is that you produce even more waste in less used colours. However, TS 5320 uses a black ink cartridge, so this is not a waste of time when it comes to hiding or mixing ink.

The other two printers use the same ink with one difference. In TS 6320 you use five cartridges with CLI-280-281, and in TS 8320 you use the same cartridge, but with the addition of CLI-281 PB. PB here means Photo Blue and is used exclusively in photo printing. This means that due to photo printing, both printers get the same price for the same print because they are very efficient and use the same type of ink.

Canon Pixma TS5320


The ChromaLife100 system uses its PB ink and photo paper in combination with the inkjet nozzle design. For full photolithography, also known as FINE print head technology. FINE helps create brighter, colour-protected prints so they can last longer. And withstand exposure to light, heat and moisture. Canon, with its fine-print technology, also writes that you can safely store photos for up to 100 years. although we did not have time to test this claim directly.

The TS8320 has 5632 colour nozzles and 1204 pigmented black nozzles with a total of 6656 prints with a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. This is the largest number of nozzles in all three prints, but the resolution in TS 6320 actually corresponds to TS 8320 up to 4800 x 1200 dots inch, with a total of 3072 colour nozzles and 1024 pigmented black nozzles in the total of 4096. is. The standard quality between the two devices will not be considered at all, given their similarities. although the optional nozzles on the TS 8320 are suitable for photo printing using Photo Blue ink.

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Canon Pixma TS5320


For those who want a slightly better image quality, the CLI-281 PB ink can go a long way. In combination with Canon PhotoPaper, it uses the Canon Canon Chroma Lift 100 system for high-quality, long-lasting photos.


The design of these three printers is quite consistent with small aesthetic differences that slightly change the user’s perception. All three printers are flat surfaces if you are not going to use the scanner so that you cannot stack anything on top. The scanner is at the top, which is the design standard for each built-in scanner on each printer.

Each size is 14.7% (L) x 12.6% (W) x 5.6% (H) for TS 8320, 14.9% (L) x 14.2% (W) x 5.6% (H) for TS 6320 15.9% (L) x 12.5% ​​(W) x 5.9% (H) for TS 5320. They all have closed dimensions, but, as you can see, the size difference is very small.

Visually TS 8320 is the cleanest. The 4.3-inch LCD touch screen makes everything on the printer easier to use and looks better than the other two models. For comparison, the TS 6320 and TS 5320 only have a 1.44-inch OLED display and LED status bar, which is good, but not enough at the same level.

Canon Pixma TS5320

Wireless Printing

All three printers including Pixma TS5320 feature wireless printing. Wireless options are very wide. They have Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Mappriya, Bluetooth and cloud printing options. In addition, they also have integration options for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can stream on your printer to print without lifting your finger. A great feature that most people can shine on is the use of IFTTT functionality (if it is after that). With IFTTT, you can ask your printer to print articles of your favourite website every time they are published or printed daily.

Using various iOS and Android apps you can set up wireless printing from your phone, including the Canon PRINT app, the Easy Photo Printing Editor app and the Message In Print app. Although compatible only with the TS8320 Nail Sticker Creator app.

Canon Pixma TS5320


When printing, there is always a difference in speed. Obviously, black and white prints will print more than colour or photo. With a 4 × 6 inch image on the TS 8320, you can expect it to print within 17 seconds without any images. The dimensions of the same image on the TS 6320 will take about 21 seconds, so the speed is an advantage over older models.

The print speed for black printing is measured in ESAT (Estimated Saturation Bandwidth), a standard developed in 2009 by the printing industry. This standard has been adopted for a direct comparison of different printer models and manufacturers using the same measurement method. However, with the TS 8320 and TS 6320 ESAT (black) can be expected: approx.

Canon Pixma TS5320

Scanning & Copying

There are some minor differences in scan functionality. In all three documents, you will find 2 copies online, a copy with automatic exposure, a copy of the document. And also afoot cap, a photocopy, a discount/extension (25% – 400%), a standard copy and a two-sided copy, but only on the TS 8320. You get 4 online copies of one, copy the disc label, print the image, before copying and restore the opacity of the photo.


The only drawback you experience when using one of these printers is printing a large number of black and white images. The speed and cost of printing a laser printer can help you better when printing documents. When you buy XL cartridges at a low price per fingerprint, it’s a little more bearable, but toner for black and white prints still benefits in speed and cost. This is especially true if this printer is in the office, so you can look at the HP OfficeJet Pro 8020.

Canon Pixma TS5320

Final Verdict

The only ink element here is that there are only two real options for the TS 8320 and TS 6320. However, if you often want to hide photos, the TS 8320 is definitely the best choice here. A large number of chicks and the use of photographs in blue ink are essential. Even if you print only colour documents, you will not see any serious discrepancies between 6320 and 8320 unless you print too much on print 1.

Personally, the optional features of the 8320 and the sleek LED touch screen allow the printer to add extra value, but ultimately it comes down to how you use the printer.

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