LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen Review – Amazing Specification

LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen Review - Amazing Specification

Table of Content:

1.Basic Introduction:




5.Dual Case

6.Software Implementation 


8.Battery Operation




Basic Introduction:

The premiere of the LG G8X took place at the IFA last September, but this is not an update for the G8 headliner. The G8X is a modified version with a lower resolution, a beep battery and a large screen, often designed for dual screens.

The name LG G8X ThinQ with two screens is not the best newcomer to the review and has no effect other than the original G8. The G8X is a great twist with some twists, one of which is the use of dual-screen accessories. And the G8X is part of the LG ThinQ line of smart appliances. Including telephones, dryers, speakers, cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and watts.

LG G8X Thin Q

The G8X ThinQ equipped with a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels. A fingerprint sensor is integrated into the display. The front camera is 32-megapixel.

On the rear panel, made of glass, is a dual camera. The main sensor is a 12-megapixel with a f / 1.8 aperture. The second lens is wide-angle, has a resolution of 13 megapixels and a viewing angle of 136 degrees.

The DualScreen accessory is a bookcase with another 6.4-inch display – exactly the same as the main one. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously use two applications on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use a single display as a keyboard or gamepad.

LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen

The LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen folding phone solution is simple and very large, but it has Huge advantages – the screen size of Thin Q on the left is exactly the same in terms of the number of pixels. You have no need to worry about a special grip or protective film. And you can abandon it at any time and thus get rid of greatness.

But before we continue, let’s delve into the specification.

Features LG G8X ThinQ:

  • Support communication standards: 4G LTE-A / 3G
  • Dimensions: 159.3 x 75.8 x 8.4 mm
  • Weight: 192g
  • Platform: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Processor: Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Display: 6.4-inch, OLED FullVision, resolution 2340 × 1080 (19.5: 9)
  • Dual main camera: 12 MP (F1.8 / 1.4μm / 78˚) + 13 MP, wide-angle (F2.4 / 1.0μm / 136˚); Neon lights
  • Front camera: 32 MP (F1.9 / 0.8μm / 79˚)
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal, microSD slot for memory cards
  • Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth v5.0, NFC, USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Other: Built-in fingerprint scanner, protection against external influences IP68 and MIL-STD 810G, 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, stereo speakers, DTS: X 3D

Features LG G8X ThinQ

Features LG Dual Screen:

  • Main display: 6.4-inch, OLED FullVision, resolution 2340 × 1080 (19.5: 9)
  • External display: 2.1-inch, monochrome
  • Dimensions: 165.96 x 84.63 x 14.99 mm
  • Weight: 134g

LG has the habit of protecting its flagships very well, and the G8X is no exception – the phone has a protection class of IP68 and in combination with 12 types of shock, temperature, humidity, dust and much more – STD-810G According to the Same as G8.

But the G8X is not the G8, and you can say that the screen has a lower resolution of 1080p, and its cutout is smaller because the ID payment technology has disappeared. There is no telephoto lens on the back, but the G8 was not like that, so we would not compare it with the X.

It has some nice additions – dual-screen support, an enlarged screen, and battery, as well as LG UX 9.0 shoes right now, and this is a good update in itself.

Unboxing the LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen:

The LG G8X Black Paper Wrap has two separate boxes at once – the LG G8X smartphone and the LG G8X dual-screen accessories.

The LG G8X phone booth has a USB-C cable and an 18W charger. There are no headphones inside.

UnBox the LG G8X Thin Q

The LG G8X Dual Screen Box includes a dual-screen housing, charging with a USB-C magnetic connector and a wired connection. If you intend to use this dual-screen core. You will need to connect the end of the charger, since the case connected to the USB-C port of the G8X. It’s nice to have a magnetic charger, vice versa! Just make sure you don’t lose the adapter.

The LG G8X Dual Screen


The LG G8X Dual Screen Case is slightly different from the V50 and not only in the type of connection – the magnetic contact on the V50 and the USB-C port on the G8X. It also has an external 2.1-inch monochrome display. Good!

LG G8x Design:

The LG G8X may change more than the GG8, but its design and construction remain the same. And the good news is, the G8 was a flexible smartphone that looked exceptionally good, and now the G8X too.

The LG G8X is a dual-glass smartphone with a metal frame in the middle – a combination that stands the test of time. On the front side there is a slope of Gorilla Glass 6 with a precise 2.5D edge, while Gorilla Glass has 5 parts at the back, but curved at the edges.

LG is known for tightening its phones and continues the G8X tradition. It has a dust and moisture protection rating of IP68 but has also passed 12 MIL-STD-810G tests. And dust pollution, waterfall, vibration and shock tests.

Although these military standards provide an attractive guarantee, the LG G8X is not a quick proof, and the glass may break even after a fall. So yes, the G8X is a tough nut for some of its competitors, but it’s still worth it.

LG G8X Design

Another invitation that we really like about the latest LG phones is the flash on the back. In fact, there is no hump on the G8X, two rear snipers sit behind the rear Gorilla Glass 5, and this easily protects them. We especially suffered from the camera of the late watchmen, so not to be one of them is a kind of sad eyes.

One of the first changes since the G8 is the screen. Now it is more than level 6.4 and has a small drop mark. It is still a P-OLED panel, but with a resolution of 1080p + lower. We think that there are two 1440p screens (when used with a dual-screen) the Snapdragon 855 is too high for the chip. So we can understand more of the main screen switches.

Inside the signboard is a new 32-megapixel selfie camera that uses pixel snapping to promise 8-megapixel shots. We still have to see the results. But it definitely looks like an update and should go a lot better than the old LG selfie shooters.

Black bars are visible at the top and bottom of the screen, which is thicker than industry leaders. Although we do not mind them, they are not so big or painful. But you cannot call this panel without a frame, because it has more prominent bells than most of its opponents.

Features LG G8X ThinQ

LG first installed a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, and it was still on the LG G8. However, this no longer applies to the G8X – the reader is now on display, and this is largely an optical solution. It is easy to set up and it is fast and reliable.

The Phone screen has a thin lattice, between the glass and frames – the duct is down. The LG G8X Thin Q has two speakers for stereo sound, and AirPlus acts as the other speaker when playing games, videos or playing music. LEDs are not communicated anywhere on the G8X.

The LG G8X Thin Q Phone second speaker is located at the bottom of the G8X, in front of the USB-C port and audio jack.

LG has buttons all over. On the left, find the volume assistant along with the selected assistant trigger on the left side. Only the right side is the key to electricity. And if you are looking for a hybrid SIM slot, the tray is at the top of the G8X.

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Let’s take a look at the last – the dual camera is really located at the back. This is also what seems like a double LED flash next to snipers, but there is only one LED at the bottom, and we have no idea what is behind the seemingly empty part of the flash glass.

UnBox the LG G8X Thin Q

The size of the LG G8X is 159.3 x 75.8 x 8.4 mm – much larger than the compact G8 – its length is 7 mm and its width is 4 mm. The X also weighs 192 grams (without a dual-screen case), which is 25 grams heavier than the G8.

he size of the LG G8X

The LG G8X is a great looking smartphone, big but still stylish. We admire the small marks and hidden cameras, although the glass above the snipers always smiles, and regular cleaning is necessary. In fact, this was the main problem with our G8X – to keep it clean, because there were always fingerprints on the back.

Dual Screen case looks:

The dual-screen housing is very similar to the one we saw earlier with the LG V50. But there are two main differences.

Firstly, the V50 devices powered by magnetic contacts on the back of the phone, which left the USB port free to use. One of the men of the G8X uses the “daddy” port, to which you connect the phone. And you do not have a suitable USB-C, and you need an external adapter.

Screen case the LG G8X Thin Q

And secondly, before the release, a new display appeared. This is a 2.1-inch monochrome OLED panel for tracking notifications and time. This was the user’s complaint number for the V50 DS chassis, so LG fixed it.

It does not always work, but it burns whenever you take the phone or remove it from your pocket or bag. The main screen displays the time and date, as well as application icons with new notifications.

LG G8X Show Case

Thus, thin this case, slips, ends first and connects to the phone’s USB-C port. There is no battery in the advertisement and the phone turned off. Now the port is busy, so charging the G8X inside the dual-screen can be done using the wireless or supplied adapter. which is connected to the pogo-contacts at the bottom of the case with two screens. Not perfect, but not so bad.

The DS case has a 6.4-inch P.OLED screen, as does the GXX screen. Fortunately, this is also a sign that it is not needed here because there is no front panel. There is no camera. Have a thin hole for sound from the remote during a call.

Some users may complain about the second number without a camera. But we can see what this means in terms of production. And we like the harmony and consistency of the two displays.

The LG G8X Thin Q Dual Screen

Accessories do it all more, there are no two ways. With the housing attached, the joinery has a closed size of 165.9 x 84.6 x 15.0 mm. An additional 134 g of the total amount is 326 g, which allows you to leave a double screen at home when not in use.

The front of this case is completely glass, dark brown or black. It is hard to say. Unfortunately, this seems to be the largest fingerprint magnet we’ve come across recently. But the good news is that it has some kind of olive phobic coating and is very clean to clean. easily.

The back of the DS case is half the G8X, while the other half is made of faux leather plastic.

Finally, the two loops are well latched, and you can rotate the screen at any angle you want. Yes, it can go to the back of the phone.

But let’s face it. This dual-screen case was not for continuous use. This is definitely great for games (controlling the screen outside the main screen). Watching movies, multitasking and text messages, and various use cases. But for the most part – the phone will work fine.

LG G8X Thin Q dual-screen case

And this is what we like about these accessories – you carry them when you need them, and take out the phone when you don’t need it. You can’t do it on the Galaxy Fold, can you?

Software Implementation – LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen :

The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen Accessories are very easy to use. The phone slide and all is well. The second (left) screen turned off by default for the first time. but as soon as you finish in this case, you will see a small and floating double screen button on the main screen. This is your dual-screen controller where you can turn screens on and off.

There is an application panel on the second screen, and from there you can fill it with the application shortcut. Widgets are also supported. There is also a shortcut for dual-screen settings. Here you can adjust the brightness, set the wallpaper, and also enable or disable the DS floating key and select or select the main display.

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen

So what can this screen do? Multitasking is one of the main tasks. You can open any application on any screen and work with two applications at the same time. Whether it be messenger and video, mail editor and web browser, navigation and travel guide – you have the opportunity.

There is also the so-called Wide view that applies to the application on both screens. This is not entirely true, since the distance between the two screens is greater than 15 mm, and the rounded edges further worsen the situation. But if you want to use a web page, document or even video on the whole screen, you can do it.

Another thing you can use a different screen for is the gamepad. LG has developed its own game controller, which has everything – DPad, two operations, a trigger, 4 action buttons. Android OS recognizes it as an integrated Bluetooth hardware controller, which greatly improves its compatibility. If the game supports any Bluetooth gamepad, it may work with a different screen.

LG has developed its own game controller

We tried it, and it works exactly as advertised – simple, no problem and helps improve the gameplay by a mile. Of course, this is not a physical playground, but the next best thing. You don’t even have to match anything, the game will tell you which key to look for. And then if you don’t like the location, you can make another choice (if If the game allows it).

When using the game panel, you will see a floating button to turn it on or off. Here you can also choose the type of controller – console, arcade, racing, basic, or even create your own depending on your custom keys!

LG G8X Thin Q gameplay Controller

Therefore, the second screen is useful in many cases, and there are those who appreciate it. This adds some extra weight and makes the phone heavier, yes, but since you can turn the DS housing on and off at any time, we recommend buying a G8X dual-screen kit instead of the Vanilla package. there is.


The LG G8X Thin Q has a 6.4-inch P-OLED panel with rounded corners and a point for selfie cameras. The LG G8X screen resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels or 403pp – which is normal, yes, but yes 8K is less than 1440r.

The display of a phone is protected by the latest Gorilla Glass 6.

LG G8X Design

The OLED panel receives 100% DCI-P3 coverage and HDR10 support if you do not have real access to HDR video. There is not a word about Dolby Vision support, another thing that seems to be gone since the G8.

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Our screen measurements capture the most brightness of 330 knots on the G8X’s main screen using a brightness scrubber. This is not the brightest of us, in any case. The good news is that the screen almost doubles it in automatic mode. And it got 600 knots in bright sunlight, so the problem of inoperability should not be a problem.

The screen on the case with two screens can match the brightness of the main screen or can adjust using a proprietary brightness scrubber. Its maximum power is 371 knots.

LG G8X Thin Q dual-screen case

There is no auto blink option for dual-screen only. But even if it matches the main display and turned on automatically, the most brightness is still 371 knots.

Display test Brightness 100%
Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio
LG G8X ThinQ 330
LG G8X ThinQ (Dual Screen) 371
LG G8X ThinQ (Max Auto) 603
G8 ThinQ(Max Auto) 655
G8 ThinQ  391
LG V50 Max 0.008 533 66625
LG V50  0.002 388 194000
Samsung Galaxy  (Max Auto) 793
Samsung Galaxy  385
Samsung Galaxy S10e 389
Samsung Galaxy S10e (Max Auto) 803
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 820
OnePlus 7T 525
OnePlus 7T (Max Auto) 743
OnePlus 7T Pro 429
OnePlus 7T Pro (Max Auto) 596
Sony Xperia 5 353
Sony Xperia 5 (Max Auto) 574
Sony Xperia 1 391
Sony Xperia 1 (Max Auto) 665
Huawei P30 Pro 571
Huawei P30 Pro (Max Auto) 605
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 464
Huawei Mate 30 Pro (Max Auto) 0.028 683 24393

Speaking of the corresponding screens, we have the same representation of colors on both screens. Both panels offer an average of 3.6 deltas when the screen color setting is set to Auto. White is blue (most deviation is 7.6), but apart from this, we can say that they are mostly true for the DCI-P3 color space.

If you choose a movie color, you get an even more accurate screen with an average of 2.1 deltas and a maximum deviation of 3.8. This mode offers a very natural white and gray color.

Battery Operation:

The LG G8X powered by a 4000 mAh battery. This is 15% more than the G8 with a capacity of 3500 mAh. The phone supports Quick Charge 4.0, although its charger is 4 V / 1.8 A (9 W) and 9 V / 1.8 V (16.2 W) – this means that, for example. You can buy high-speed compatible chargers. Rated 18 watts or 21 watts.

Yet, the provided adapter allows you to fill up a discharged G8X battery in 33 30 30 minutes.

We completed our battery test, and the LG G8X did it all. It showed up to 14 hours of web browsing in screen tests and more than 18 hours of looping video playback. The G8X achieved a full 111-hour endurance rating. Including the best 3G call times and proportional standby power consumption.

LG G8X Thin Q Battery Life

Warning: Our battery tests thank SmartSweeper, who used the viSerD Device app. The above tolerance rating shows how long a battery charge lasts for you. If you use the LG G8X ThinQ for every hour of daily telephony, web browsing and video playback. will be. We have configured this usage pattern so that the results obtained from the battery are comparable to the full charge of the device in ordinary everyday tasks. The battery testing method described in detail if you are interested. You can check out our full battery check table, where you can see how the smartphones we tested will be compared to your specific use.

According to LG estimates, the dual-screen increased battery consumption by 20-30%. And if you do not use it, a 4000 mAh battery allows you to use it. This will be enough.


The LG G8X ThinQ has two speakers for stereo sound. One is at the bottom of the phone, and the other is in midair. The draft is decent, and in our tests, the G8X showed a very good result.

The output is quite different from both speakers. Mostly low and mid-tones offered, while the loud sound handles the sound. But these two tweets seem well placed, and if you do not cover one of them, you will enjoy a balanced and full voice.

Speakerphone test Voice, dB Pink noise/ Music, dB A ringing phone, dB Overall score
LG G7 ThinQ 78.3 76.4 82.3 Excellent
Samsung Galaxy S10e 71.2 76.8 80.6 Excellent
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 71.3 74.3 79.7 Very Good
Xiaomi Mi 9T 70.6 74.8 81.2 Very Good
LG G8X ThinQ 69.8 73.2 83.7 Very Good

Audio Quality:

The LG G8X ThinQ provided the perfect sound output in both parts of our connector-based sound quality test. All his results improved by a dynamic amplifier. And the headphones were harmless – we see more stereo-crystalline. Readings than in other phones without headphones compared to the G8X.

The emphasis was not so impressive – the G8X ThinQ was below average. Which is somewhat disappointing for the flagship at the moment. Even activating the QuadDAC option, which helped boost the sound on the G8 ThinQ, didn’t work this time.

Software Performance :

Like the GG and V50, the LG G8X shoots Android 9 pies. But this is the first phone that comes with the new LG UX 9.0, and it’s not a minor upgrade to 8.0, but a massive overhaul of the entire interface.

The LG UX 9.0 is very similar to the Samsung UI, intentionally or not. And this is not so bad – we delve into a new interface based on maps, improved graphics, and fonts, as well as menus that do not carry meaning. And we think that many users will like UX9.0 themes, but, fortunately, not a single feature lost with UX 8.0.

he size of the LG G8X

So, they have new icons, improved menus. And appearance, a new notification center of the phone with an improved settings application.

But this is a launcher like no other, and it all starts with a lock screen. You can choose AOD (always on display) or not. LG’s AOD implementation detailed, with various skin options, music controls, AI information. And even low and high brightness. You can set the wait intervals as usual – say, do not show AOD at night.

The fingerprint scanner located under the display and lights up when you wake up the phone or touch the screen. It is reliable and fast. Although its accuracy is much more impressive than that of miss, but still not perfect.

After successful unlocking. You will see a normal home screen with applications and widgets. The left panel is Google Feed, but you can either select LG Smart Newsletter or close this page.

There is no app on LG UX 9.0 by default, but you can choose any of the home screen settings.

A new view has appeared in the notification area, but the same logic and switches are the same as before. The task switcher behaves the same, but now it’s a 3D codex card. And the categories are lost in the settings menu, and all in one place, easy to insert and easy to find. The new font is better and more comfortable for the eyes.

Android navigation performed by default (Back, Home, Tasks) using the keys of the screen tree. But you can choose gestures and navigation buttons that are familiar with the previous version of UX.

All LG applications and features are made for LG UX 9.0, they can only have new skins. LG also takes care of multimedia, and you get a music player, gallery, even an FM radio app, and support. The LG Health app is available and is part of the popular LG QucikMemo + UX 9.0.

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Performance :

The LG G8X ThinQ features the latest Snapdragon 855 (nonplus) chip from Qualcomm. This is the same SCC in which the LG G8 and V50 supported themselves.

LG G8X Thin Q

It based on the 7-nm TSMC node and has an octa-core processor with a 1 + 3 + 4 configuration in the chip. There is a Crew 485 Gold Core (derived from Cortex-A76) with a clock frequency of 2.84 GHz. Clusters of three more Cree 485 2.42 GHz gold cores and four Kryo 485 silver cores (derived from Cortex-A55) were stuck at 1.78 GHz.

The GPU is Adreno 640 and is the best Qualcomm GPU on the Internet that can handle anything you throw at you. And it will definitely surpass every test run of the LG G8X 1080p screen.

The Geekbench processor test still shows that the Snapdragon 855 processor is the winner of multi-core tasks. But for single-core performance, Samsung’s sophisticated custom core is much better.

GeekBench 4.1 (multi-core)

Huawei Mate 30 Pro (Perf mode) = 11936
LG G8X ThinQ = 11251
OnePlus 7T Pro = 11246
Sony Xperia = 510941
LG G8 ThinQ = 10735

GeekBench 4.1 (single-core)

Samsung Galaxy S10 = 4543
Samsung Galaxy S10e = 4518
Huawei Mate 30 Pro (Perf mode) = 3864
LG G8X ThinQ = 3508
OnePlus 7T Pro = 3502
Sony Xperia = 53493
LG G8 ThinQ = 3419

The LG G8X offers flagship performance in all directions, and still has one of the most powerful and advanced chips on the market. And with this 1080p screen, it definitely doesn’t need a plus version anyway. Thus, with regard to performance, it works without problems with a dual-screen.

Quality – Videos & Image with Camera:

LG was the first company to introduce an ultra-wide widescreen camera with the LG G5, and has since been under development. The LG G8X has a similar dual-camera setup on its rear + ultra-wide camera.

LG G8X has a similar dual-camera

So, the primary camera is a 12-megapixel image scanner (1 / 2.55 “, 1.4 μm pixels) with a 27 mm f / 1.8 lens and OIS. It also uses two-pixel auto fax with a phase channel. You get 13 The ultra-wide-angle lens will also receive a 14 mm f / 2.4 lens, 1.0 μm pixels, and a fixed focus camera, but not required for an ultra-wide-angle OIS camera, but it is not needed in this short focal range.

The LG G8 Thin Q selfie camera is very optimistic – it is a 32-megapixel quad-core matrix that captures 8-megapixel images. In the spotlight, as usual.

The Phone camera application is pretty simple. Swipe left and right to switch between camera modes, such as Portrait, Auto, Night Wave, Hand Camera, and Studio, which duplicate studio settings, so you capture light, for example, This comes from several sources. General Chat Chat Lounge One of the other ways is the highly appreciated manual video recording mode in the Advanced menu.

If you want to LG G8X Thin Q delve deeper into the settings, you can click the settings icon of LG G8X Thin Q in the upper left corner of the viewfinder. There are all the usual settings, as well as the option to select the video recording mode and resolution. Just like steel.

The video option of a phone also offers ASMR (independent meridian touch response), from which you can get convenient massage clips.


The LG G8X main camera captures the best 12MP images. The detail is pretty good, the sophistication is good, the colors are very accurate, and the contrast is very good. The dynamic range is above average, but not impressive, and for this reason, Auto HDR is often dynamic.

The second (construction) and fourth (tree-like) shots taken with HDR-On, and you may notice a slight decrease in detail and complexity. Yet it does not destroy quality, but it is worth it. LG needs to improve the HDR process since the competition with Smart / Auto HDR is much better and what is not.

Finally, the noise level is mostly low, but you can still see traces in areas of the same color and shadow. We think HDR would fix them.

Image Quality from LG G8X Thin Q

13MP Ultra Wide Pictures is one of the best photos we have seen. There are many details in the center, while the softness used in the automatic distortion correction. And even the purple pan, work perfectly around the corner.

The images are inconsistent, the colors are a bit sharper than them, and the noise is bigger, but keep this in mind. The 13MP ultra wide-angle frame does a great job of adjusting and maximizing quality. Manages to be very decent. General Chat Chat Lounge

The LG G8X is one of the best low-light photos we’ve recently seen on a smartphone. The central camera produces excellent and vibrant 12-megapixel pictures with sufficient detail, very balanced visibility, low noise, and very accurate colors.
Note that the G8X prefers to shoot with HDR most of the time in low light, and we did not argue with that.
You can definitely choose a nightly night view, and it takes a second to capture the picture. Normal shots do not matter, and after a long look at the pixels, we see a slight drop in shadow even at low noise levels. That’s all
We often say that ultra-wide-angle cameras should not be used in low light, but the LG G8X is an exception. The photo we took at night is quite bright and balanced, detailed, and she managed to maintain good colors and contrast.
Of course, these ultrasound photographs are far from noise and full of the environment when viewing them in full resolution. but still, they are one of the most useful and improved images that we saw.


The LG G8X can record 2160p video at 30 and 60 frames per second, as well as in 1080p mode. The ultra-wide camera supports all video captures except 4K @ 60fps. The extended dynamic range is available in all 30 FPS modes.

Sound is always recorded in stereo at a bitrate of 156 Kbps.

In terms of quality, the 4K video looks great from the main camera – the dynamic range is commendable, low noise, color, and contrast are just great. However, the image does not shine in the details – we even saw how average users decide more than the G8X. However, the parts received are not bad, just average.

Final Thoughts:

The LG G8X ThinQ is a great smartphone. It has a dynamic OLED screen, stylish and flexible design, excellent computing power, a powerful camera, and a large battery. Moreover, it comes with the new LG UX 9.0.

The most advertised part of the G8X is not the phone itself, but its dual-screen accessories. And when we say “optional” – finding a G8X for sale without a DS enclosure in the US is not an easy task. This is another way around Europe.

In terms of price, the LG G8X ThinQ Primary Market seems to be priced at $ 699 – the G8X + DS included. While in Europe, the G8 X costs 930 euros on its own, and if you want a dual-screen option, you should look north of 1000 euros.

Features LG G8X ThinQ

And for LG, the G8X ad, in this case, is considered a bit of a foldable phone. Because without devices, the G8X stands out a little. Yes, this is the flagship, but we saw it for a long time, and it is too late in the battle.

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