Witchfire strongly reminds Destiny in a new gameplay video

Witchfire strongly reminds Destiny in a new gameplay video

The developers of Astronauts studio have posted a new gameplay video for their first-person shooter witchfire. The video consists of a small portion of the moments taken from the game’s other internal demo.

According to the authors, the game’s new demo includes four weapons (three revolvers and one rifle), six spells (two light and four heavy), six types of enemies (including the boss) and three arenas.


In addition, the developers have also updated the interface, attack warning system and vulnerability indicators. The authors note that the interface elements can completely change upon release, including how the player’s health and ability displayed, as well as fonts and minimaps.

The next development phase of Witch Fire will be the third internal demo, which will be the game’s vertical cut. In the first quarter of next year, developers plan to invite their friends for a game to test the complexity of the shooter.

It remembered that some of the creators of the painkillers were working on Watchfire. But the head of the spacecraft said that the team influenced by Dark Souls. And Bloodborne and that the shooter had to take on the company’s former game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It can be compared to In terms of the beauty of the graphics. According to the new video, the gameplay of Witch Fire resembles Destiny.

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