Review Pokemon Sword and Shield – An Unfulfilled Revolution

Review Pokemon Sword and Shield - An Unfulfilled Revolution

Pokemon (1)

Developer Game freak
Publisher Nintendo
Official site
Platforms Switch
Genres Role-playing game
Game Release Date November 15, 2019
Game Release Date in Russia November 15, 2019

When Pokemon left an imprint on the Western world in the late ’90s, many people suggested that the hobby be short-lived. More than twenty years have passed, and it seems time has stopped. In 2019, Pokemon are alive, healthy, and still relevant.

Pokemon (1)

For many years the core of this series has remained unchanged. In Sword / Shield (the difference in version is the appearance of various Pokemon and Gym Leaders) we play for a boy (or girl) who goes on a tour of the Galar Province. Writers easily flock to the millions of Brits who love the series. The region is influenced by architecture, design and folklore.

We will travel through industrial areas, meadows (or instead, wolves), admiring mountain landscapes and beautiful castles. Pokemon that live on Adelaide Island is also an organic part of the game world. For example, supernatural creatures reminiscent of the aforementioned cute wolf sheep or the Welsh Korgi Yammer: goblins, unicorns, ghosts and others. So, limit yourself to six Pokemon,

Almost immediately, three fresh kids are given a choice, who will be happy with powerful finishes in the future – herbs, herbs, and water cables.

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In the case of the plot, the developers did not invent the wheels. History is the only way to travel the world, catch Pokemon, and earn new badges. Elapsed time is unlikely to exceed 30 hours.

Pokemon Sword / Shield strives to be innovative, so there is an element of the open world. It’s about “good land” – a kind of safari zone and the area where Pokemon live, things are scattered and coaches are waiting for people who want to waste their experience and money. Here, the free camera mode is activated and, best of all, random meetings aren’t always the case, but in most cases, you can escape and hunt, for example, for a particular desired monster. The actual possession of the monsters in “Good Land” will have to be captured and witnessed, depending on the weather conditions and our progress as the place changes: as the story progresses, more creatures appear, and their levels Increases

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However, “Good Earth” is not so large and visually diverse. This is just an experience that involves the whole world of the future in Pokemon games. The creators of Game Freak clearly believe that the series is not ready for a big change yet, but it looks like in the future we will be entering a really big world where we can do something very exciting.

In Sword / Shield, the protagonist wants to be the champion of Pokemon Galar but to win the honorary title you have to beat the eight Gem Leaders, the celebrities of the region. Each of these battles is a real event in the memorial arena filled with thousands of spectators. With the right selection of pocket monsters, you don’t need to sweat too much. But battles can cause you a bit of panic, and here dynamo and gig mix are refreshing, bringing Pokemon into three moves, which improves health and especially attacks with great damage. Are. Here, fans can already know about the Mega Evolution and Z Mozoo changes in the games.

Talking about the complexity of Pokemon ends when you understand how the complexity curve is formed. During the first hours, the game easily attracts a startup and gradually leads to harder elements. However, Pokemon Sword / Shield cannot be considered complicated unless you want it yourself. There are plenty of useful items on the map, and a friendly system for measuring opponents’ levels is helpful in successfully developing them. But during the last battles, the game can be astonished by the rapid increase in rivals’ power.

The possibility of buying expensive clothes gives a lot of money to the economy. But a reasonable player, looking at the prices of useless “cosmetics”, is unlikely to look for a quick acquisition. There is a slight imbalance between the amount of money a game receives and what can be spent. There’s always plenty of storage for new battles, and we don’t have to think about buying better.

The Functional Pokédex contains information about the recommended Pokemon for their location indication and will remind you of which creatures we met, but did not capture. After you get the creature, you can quickly add it to the team or put it in the box without visiting the Pokemon Center. The studio eventually abandoned archaeology in the form of hard-to-determine monsters and allows you to move faster between locations.

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In the social elements, installation of Pokemon tents outside the cities can be mentioned. In addition to opportunities to increase their happiness and strengthen friendships (this leads to useful leather), a book on healthy dish recipes has also been included.


Battles were primarily for cooperative adventures. The player can join the party, and shoulder to shoulder, three other users (or AI-controlled NPCs) will hunt the Dynamic Pokemon, which has to be defeated in 10 moves without losing four Pokemon. Giant will be much stronger than a normal monster, it can attack multiple times at one point, and in order to win, you must devise a strategy with a division of characters. The ideal combination would be DD (deals significant damage), healing, screener (shields) and tanks (self-harm). After completing the raiding plot, the most exciting activity is with good rewards.

By the way, after the final credit, the developers will give the gameplay an extra few hours, during which they will close out any questions that arise before the player.

Now let’s talk about quantity. The game has more than 400 Pokemon (new 81), and, presumably, your favourite does not include them. And it not only annoyed but also angered the fans. During the passage, this is not a problem, because there are really many monsters. However, fans want to extend their Pokédex to the current 800 species after the storyline is completed. Game Freak announced that it would not be able to make the transition from other games, and the list would be limited to the creatures we meet in the story. A strange hurdle for the 2019 game, which leaves an unpleasant result.

Image-wise, Swords and Shields are no better than Pikachu / Aviv, but the quality of console fans’ implementation is unlikely to surprise. When stepping on the invisible line, objects get off the ground, animations and models are largely pumped from the previous game, and image quality matches the updated version rather than the 3DS. I want to better study and make better use of Nintendo Switch capabilities. When the game is connected to a TV and works in 720p resolution in portable mode. In both cases, there are 30 seconds per second, and many 3D models are shown on the screen at the same time when researching “good piles of the earth”.

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A few words about music titles. They are pleasant, easy to remember and lie to their ears. Thanks to orchestra Toby Fox. Yes, the same person who created the Undertale Clot.

The downside for many is the lack of a Russian language. Think Money (4499 rubles on eShop and 3790 rubles on a cartridge) is worth localizing. Plus, you just need to translate the text. The developers of one of the best world franchises in 2019 have no hurry to make us happy with the voice acting.

Pokemon (1)


Pokemon is not a Sword / Shield revolution. Moreover, fans are unlikely to call it the best in the series. This is a constant war. The game is trying to please newcomers and veterans, and it can be a turning point in the franchise’s development, as it uses innovative elements and innovative elements. However, we do not expect this quality out loud for the switch.

It is bitter that the publisher is against the wishes of its community and does not want to put a little too much love into the vote. If the writers listened to the fans, paid more attention to the quality of the implementation and better crafted the new ideas, Pokemon Sword / Shield would play with the new colours and become the ideal product for Pokemon. On the other hand, the game is good: despite the slight animation, the creature looks good, the attacks are impressive,

The fans are well aware of the problems, they are angry, but they run into the shops and say “let’s get them all together!” Ready for any money to buy an opportunity to participate in the annual prostitution in the name of. However, once upon a time, these small, big, cute and cruel pocket monsters managed to steal their hearts.


  • Good Fresh Elements: Attractive Terrain, “Good Land” and an Open World of Impressions
  • Great set of fresh Pokemon and a strong start
  • The almost total absence of random encounters and fast movements

On the contrary

  • Weak plot and low complexity
  • Lots of borrowing from the previous sections: poor graphics, outdated animation and a lack of voice acting.
  • The end game gets bored fast

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