GameRanking lost the Metacritic war. 20-year portal close

GameRanking lost the Metacritic war. 20-year portal close

Metacritic dominates the diagnostics portals. Currently, interest in a game ranking competitor is so weak that the authors have decided to close the portal.

goodbye was founded in 1999, but will soon be out of existence. The official statement said the site would be closed on December 9. All visitors to the game ranking will be redirected to Metacritic. Now Metacritic ratings are very important for publishers and developers (for example, the question of whether game authors will get bonuses depends on ranking on Metacritic).

One of the factors affecting the loss of interest in-game ranking was the lack of user ratings on MetaRock. The game ranking is lower than competitors in the number of reviews. The average rating here is made up of low editions.

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