The massive leak exposed the data of 267 million Facebook users

Facebook has also become too much blocks Trump's advertising

While Facebook is busy building its operating system. Millions of user data leaks have occurred thanks to the largest data leak in the company’s history.

Cybersecurity company CompareTech and researcher Bob Diachenko said. He found a database on the network that contained Facebook identifiers. In this data also include phone numbers and names of 267 million users. They claim that the database was fully accessible on the Internet. And did not require a password or any other type of authentication to access it.

They argue that the source of the database is to misuse the Facebook API or clear the data by criminals in Vietnam. Although Dyachenko immediately notified the Internet provider about the location of the data. He did warn that he was available for two weeks before being deleted. It was also available for download on the hacker forum.

Facebook, which previously reported data leaks affecting 30 million and 419 million users in 2018 and 2019. Respectively, reacted to the incident:

We are concentrating this issue. yet, we comprehend this is a notification gotten before the progressions. We have made in the course of recent years to all the more likely ensure individuals’ data.

As the comparisons indicated, this is likely due to a change in its API on Facebook. Which previously allowed application developers to access users’ phone numbers.

Adding data numbers can ultimately be-used for phishing campaigns. So users should be sceptical of text messages or emails that require you to enter your password or other confidential information. Will be. The comparison also suggests changing all fields in the Facebook privacy settings to “friends only” or “just me”. And searching for robots to link to your profile to prevent your data from being corrupted. Disable search engine capabilities for.

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Hard drives with information about tens of thousands of company employees stolen from Facebook accountant’s car

According to the Bloomberg News Agency. The personal banking information of tens of thousands of American employees was compromised last month. When a thief stole several corporate hard drives from the employee’s machine.

Unencrypted hard drives contained salary data such as the employee’s name, bank account number. And the last four digits of the employee’s Social Security number. The discs contained some information about compensation. In this data including salaries, bonus amounts and company contributions.

In total, Disks had personal data on approximately 29,000 US employees working on Facebook in 2018, a spokeswoman confirmed. In recent years, Facebook has encountered numerous issues related to the disclosure of personal data of social network users. However, a spokeswoman said the stolen discs do not contain Facebook user data.

The theft occurred on November 17, and according to an internal email, Facebook found that the hard drives were missing on November 20. On November 29, “judicial inquiry” confirmed that the hard drives contained salary information for employees. Facebook began alerting employees affected Friday, December 13th.

The robber is an employee of Facebook’s payroll department and should not have taken hard drives outside the office. The spokesman said, “We took appropriate disciplinary action.” “We will not talk about the individual details of the staff.”

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