Ninja Virus Stealing Money Appears on Google Play

Ninja Virus Stealing Money Appears on Google Play

Google regularly “swaps” the company’s application store from malware. But the creators of such software do not stand – representatives of the security giant. Search giant discovered a new kind of money-stealing virus, which has long been able to “hide” from Play Protect antivirus.

According to the company, in September 2019. Google Play Protection System removed 24 different applications from the Joker virus. The virus is also known as Bread, and the total number of software downloads was more than 500,000.

When installing the affected programs, users were shown invalid licensing agreements. The virus allow paid premium memberships were issued in the background, and cancellation buttons did not work.

To eliminate antivirus, malware uses a variety of techniques. And technique including disguising their APIs as standard Android services. Sometimes “clean” versions of applications were created to recruit users to a base. A positive reputation of the programs was established using fake “Five Star” reviews. And only then malicious code was introduced.

Google experts have discovered at least three different Joker variants. The variants using different methods of interacting with smartphones and telecom operators.

According to company representatives, in some periods of activity. The Fraudsters daily uploaded 23 affected programs to the App Store. Google Play Protect has identified and removed more than 1,700 individual infected applications


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