New rules for updating interruptions for Windows drivers

The most important Windows 10 update this year Fix a big wave of errors on the

Recently Microsoft launched an update about windows in November 2019 .One thing in particular about the latest Windows 10 feature updates is Update blocks that Microsoft has set up to prevent users with incompatible components from being updated. And thus to protect them from further mistakes or complete failures.

Now this group wants to get active support from manufacturers for these blockchain updates. Manufacturers can request an update break from Microsoft for 30 or 60 days, according to a document marked as internal and confidential.

At this point, drivers should work to bring the latest. No updates should be offered to end-users during this period that may cause problems.

Update blocks can be more efficient

In the past, there have been some cases where third-party drivers, together with Windows 10 updates (feature updates and security updates), have caused significant problems for users.

Microsoft then paused the latest information – after the child had most likely fallen down – and then installed the update blocks, which eliminated the affected system from available updates.

There are blackout periods

The extent to which this threshold has been introduced by third-party manufacturers is not known. The “Block Reduction Request” feature is a new addition to the most recent locks possible for updates. According to the doctor, Windows is now new to Microsoft’s method.

In addition, there will be no driver updates available as well as Windows updates. In terms of feature updates, it was agreed to block every regular Windows update before and after it and two days before and after it.

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