Xiaomi introduced MIUI 12 Established by this manufacturer

The first batch of MIUI 12 updated models exposure

As established by this manufacturer, the first announcement is formal

Last year, Xiaomi released the new MIUI 11 branded shell, and today the Chinese brand has confirmed that the next-generation user interfaces MIUI 12 is officially underdeveloped. It has also been confirmed that the final version of MIUI 12 will be released this year, probably. August will be in September.

As established by this manufacturer, the first announcement is formal. So far, we only have the introductory logo, but Xiaomi will publish a few of its details in the next few weeks.

The development of MIUI 12 lasts for about six months, and beta testing should begin this year from March to April. The list of Xiaomi and Readme devices that will receive the update should be visible from February to March.


It is worth noting that MIUI is one of the first Xiaomi products, which was launched in 2010 and is updated regularly. MIUI will be the 12th anniversary of the shell; with its release, the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The first shell to be the new shell should be the Xiaomi Mi 10.

Earlier it was reported that the MIUI 12 will improve night mode across the system, further improvements to the visual area, new animations, wallpapers, new sounds and so on are expected.

It also focuses on improving sound quality with new dynamic effects and sound indicators. Xiaomi also announced a new package, Migo Travel, that lets you buy tickets from aeroplane to rail and bus transport, and for extensive transportation in currency conversion and extreme energy-saving mode. Will help.

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“Xiaomists” require the company to update one of the most controversial smartphones manufacturers to Android 10

Mi A3 was supposed to be one of the first to get Android 10

The Android One program was conceived as a way to give consumers smartphones with a clean operating system, quick release of updates and stable software.

Initially, manufacturers warmly accepted this program, but now there are not very many such smartphones. If you do not take into account Motorola and Nokia, models with Android One can be counted on the fingers.

Xiaomi MIUI shell

One of the most famous is Xiaomi Mi A3. Its predecessors sold well, perhaps the Mi A3 itself can boast of good demand. But what he certainly cannot boast of is the latest version of the OS. Despite being related to the Android One program, he still hasn’t got Android 10.

Xiaomi originally intended to release the update back in October, but it is not there now. The owners of this smartphone even created a petition on Change.org with a call to Xiaomi to finally update the device. Now the petition has collected just over 2,000 signatures.

But more importantly, Xiaomi’s Indian representative office officially replied to one of the posts on Twitter, saying that the update will be released soon. However, how much more to wait is unclear.

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