Cyrcle Phone Round Smartphone Introduced It took five years to create

Introduced Cyrcle Phone Round Smartphone It took five years to create

It took five years to build a smartphone

The Consumer Electronics Show was a weird smartphone Cyrcle phone shown in 2020. Yes, this is the working prototype of a smartphone, which is not rectangular but gets rounded.

cycle smartphone

After five years of development, the authors of this concept decided to use the first major technology exhibition of the year to show the world an unexpected smartphone. The creators of the device claim that they worked long enough to make the case easier.

The Cyrcle phone fits easily into any pocket and fits comfortably in your hand, at least as the author of this device. If no worries, the final version of the smartphone will go on sale in one year.

cycle smartphone1

It doesn’t end there on the odds. The Cyrcle phone connects the headphones for one, not two mm. Received mm mm jack. what for? According to Christina Sayer, head of the development team, the decision was made to eliminate the need for an audio splitter.

The fact is that the younger generation often listens to music together as a device, this design feature has been specifically provided for them.

cycle smartphone2

The company has a lot of work to do to create software because neither the Android operating system itself nor the applications have been initially designed to work on such screens. The exception is applications that have already been adapted for smartphones with round screens.

Whatever design changes for the closing device, which will go on sale sometime in 2020 or 2021, something that probably won’t change is the two 3.5mm headphone ports located on each part of the plastic phone body.

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According to the company’s founder

According to the company’s founder, Christina Cyr, it was decided to add a pair of such ports so that the audio splitter could be replaced. Eliminating the need to use a device, which, of course, has become a popular product among millennials and members of the Z generation.

The company still has to make great use of this stopwatch’s software, as neither the operating system itself nor many Android applications are ideally suited to work on round display devices. Any news regarding this project will be posted on Cyrcle Phone’s official website.

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