10 things about New Coronavirus Pneumonia are too ridiculous! Many people believe

10 things about coronavirus

Some time ago, we introduced some rumours about a new type of coronavirus pneumonia, but because of length, they are not comprehensive.

In response to readers’ needs, today we will introduce 10 more rumours about the new Coronavirus model. I hope everyone can make rational decisions and not rely on rumours, let panic or damage property.

1. A hairdryer can sterilize the hands and face for 30 seconds(Coronavirus Pneumonia)

It takes at least 56 ° C and 30 minutes to eradicate the new coronavirus. It can be used to sterilize the surface of an object.

Even if the hairdryer temperature can reach 56 ° C or above, sustained burning of hands and face for up to 30 minutes and other injuries can easily be found.

Wash and clean your hands.

2.Brown sugar, ginger, green onions, and garlic boiled water to prevent new coronavirus

These items are cooked together and may be referred to as “tea”, but there is no basis for suggesting that they may prevent the new coronavirus.

However, it can be prepared to make spices and meat delicious stew.

3.Drink more Dancong tea and eat more strawberries to prevent pneumonia

Two screenshots have been circulated on the Internet, with texts saying “Drinking a tea significantly affects the prevention of pneumonia” said by ​​Zhong Nanshan and “National Health Administration has released that eating more strawberries. Pneumonia has a significant impact on prevention. “

Media expert Zhong Nanshan has been interviewed by the media about the pneumonia outbreak and did not mention the above information.

At this time, there is no “National Health Bureau” in our country, only the National Health Commission, and the National Health Commission has not released the above information.

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4, Liquor can be made in the refrigerator freezer 75% alcohol

Alcohol is an aqueous solution to alcohol. When the temperature is reduced to the freezing point. The alcohol content in the solid formed will be lower than that of the liquid.

If the solid is removed, the resulting alcohol will increase.

Therefore, vigorous intercourse to remove solid objects can. In fact, increase the residual liquid alcohol. However, as the alcohol content increases. The freezing temperature decreases and decreases.

The refrigerator has a freezing point of 35 degrees in the household refrigerator.

In other words, this degree of alcohol will not be stable in the refrigerator’s freezer, and will not go unnoticed.

The higher the degree of white wine, the lower the freezing point. For example, the freezing point of 54 degrees white wine is below 34 degrees Celsius, making it difficult to freeze.

5. Paper towels inside the mask can increase the service life(Coronavirus Pneumonia)

The masks we use every day are divided into three layers:

The outer layer is a water-repellent layer to avoid spraying the liquid.

The middle layer is a filter layer that can hold up to 90% of micron particles.

The inner layer absorbs the liquid and moisture released by the wearer.

Properly worn, surgical mask prevents large drops of virus and bacteria from entering the nose and mouth, spraying or spraying.

It also helps to reduce sputum and respiratory tract infections in others, and thus prevents infections.

Paper towels can be a barrier to liquids and moisture, but for viruses that are only nanometers in diameter, paper towels cannot easily filter out any possible viruses.

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In other words, paper towels cannot replace the role of a mask filter. Keeping paper towels does not play any role in extending her life.

6. Drinking high alcohol can resist the new crown virus?

Does Alcohol kill the virus? But it should be 75% alcohol disinfection product, and can only be used for surface sterilization. Drinking more alcohol in the body will only absorb and metabolize, and will not affect the virus.

7. Houttuynia cordata can prevent new coronavirus

Some studies have shown that Houttuynia cordata has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects.

However, according to current published research reports. The toxic effect of Huttonia cordata is mainly in vitro.

This verification check method is very open and rough. The actual application to the human body will be another image, so why should drug marketing be done through clinical trials.

8. A coat with a fur collar or fleece is easy to attract viruses(Coronavirus Pneumonia)

In ordinary home and travel life, it is not necessary to consider the influence of clothing material and static electricity to prevent the virus, and comfort is a key factor.

The virus is spread by droplets and is not isolated in the air. It can live on any clothing item. Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with your hands. Wash your hands at home as you go home. Rinse your jacket and blow it away.

9. Sun exposure can kill new coronaviruses

The radiation temperature of the sun cannot reach 56 ° C, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays cannot reach the intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamps. It cannot meet the need to kill the virus from any angle.

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If you want to go out to bask in the sun, you still need to wear a mask and take the necessary protection.

10, eating a banana will get new coronavirus pneumonia

The new pneumonia virus originates from animals and spreads through animals. Kayla is not her host. Unless you interact with bananas in a viral environment, don’t worry.

If it is in a viral environment, then there is a possibility of infection regardless of its exposure, so it needs to be completely disinfected.

Finally, I hope that everyone can be rational, not cause panic because of different rumours, and not accumulate some things because of a rumour.

For example, Japan’s nuclear power plants leak and collect salt. These behaviours are ridiculous. I hope not everyone will trust the rumours and make their own decision.

We usually go out less often and wear protective masks and gloves when we go out.

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