Basel launched world’s first 120 watt gallium nitride charger

Basel launched world's first 120 watt gallium nitride charger

Basel launches in 2019 with its first charger gallium nitride, and the popularity of such an adapter is booming this year, 30 + 30 + 60 W through three connectors or 60 + 60 W through two

On February 25, 2020, Basel launched the world’s first gallium nitride + Silicon Carbide (GaN + SiC) Charger and crowdfunding success in Kickstarter. The power of this product is up to 120W, and it is also equipped with 2C1A multi-port output configuration, I believe it will also lead a wave of hot sales.

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Today, Basel launched world’s first 120-watt gallium nitride charger. Gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon carbide (CC) used in this adapter are currently the most advanced electronic semiconductor materials. Possessing excellent properties and advantages in transmitting high voltage and high current. After all, such chargers are more efficient, emit less heat and are smaller.

The Basel gallium nitride charger has three output connectors, two of which are USB-C PD. The third connector is USB-A, which also supports fast charging. At the same time, you can specify power from three full devices at the same time. Or even two laptops that require a 60-watt adapter. Maximum power is 100 watts when using the same USB-C connector. If three connectors are included, then the power is divided into 60 + 30 + 30 watts.

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Basel Gali charger supports

  • PD3.0 PPS
  • QC4 +
  • QC3.0
  • QC 2.0
  • SCP
  • FCP
  • AFC
  • PE +
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Meizu and Provide faster charging for other mobile devices.

World best charger

The dimensions of the device are 94.8 x 54.8 x 29.6 mm. By dimensions (except thickness). Basel gallium nitride charger adapters are compared to credit cards. That’s 15% less than the latest 96W Apple Charger.

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First customers can order the device through a Kickstarter for $ 59, a set of two adapters is offered in $ 116.

Basel First 120W GaN + Silicon Carbide (GaN + SiC) Charger

Thanks to the inclusion of gallium nitride + silicon carbide material. The Basel Galio 120W charger is 94.8mm x 54.8mm x 29.6mm. Which is closer to the bank card and 15% smaller than Apple’s latest 96W charger. But electricity is 25% higher.

The world’s first 120W + silicon carbide, gallium nitride (GaN + cc) at this time of thought is currently crowdfunding charger $ 59. The funding plan currently exceeds the target start line. Rapid growth, interested partners can participate in crowdfunding projects on their own.

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