World’s Second German Wolf Dog New Coronavirus Test Positive

World's Second German Wolf Dog New Crown Virus Test Positive

Two days ago, the world’s first pet dog that tested positive for the coronavirus died. He was a 17-year-old squirrel dog, and the owner was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. Another case of a positive test for the new pet dog virus has surfaced today, this time a German wolf dog.

This is still happening in Hong Kong, and the situation is the same as last time. Unfortunately, the dog owner was also diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Hong Kong to test German wolf-dog and another donkey dog. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge port animal shelter for testing.

After the test, German wolves were positive for puppy new coronavirus, and Tang dogs did not. But neither dog had any symptoms associated with pneumoconiosis pneumonia (asymptomatic infection in dogs?).

The German Health and Fisheries Department says it will closely monitor the performance of the German wolf-dog and will continue to test it. At the same time, it is recommended that pet owners and families pay attention to hygiene and health.

There is no evidence yet that pets can infect the New Crown virus in humans, the AFCD said.

WHO and veterinary experts: Can pets get a new coronavirus?

In Hong Kong, a dog became “widespread” after a “weakly positive” test for the SARS-COV-2 virus. But now there’s a piece of good news. The World Health Organization and veterinary experts both say there is no evidence that dogs or cats have been infected with the coronary virus.

Earlier, the Hong Kong Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation said the 85th certified case of Ms. Zhou’s pet dog, oral and nasal sample was weakly positive for the new Coronavirus. After repeated testing, the dog’s oral and nasal samples confirmed a weakly positive response to the virus.

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The WHO says the virus can only be in the dog’s nose, but that doesn’t mean the dog is infected with coronavirus, and the potential source of SARS Kov2’s animal has not yet been confirmed.

“In animals that have no signs of the disease, it’s hard to say what that means,” said Shelly Rankin, a specialist at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. “That’s the case. 19 more studies on the likelihood of a virus being infected in animals.”

Will Sanders of the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine said the effects of the coronavirus virus on pets are almost ignoble and it seems that the virus is suitable for transmission from person to person, causing it to grow in dogs or Cats are unlikely to move.

The Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says no reports of US cattle being infected. Although the virus seems to have originated from animal sources. It is most commonly transmitted from one person to another. And there is no reason to think that any animal, including pets. Maybe the source of this new coronavirus infection.

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