iOS 14 has clever features: no need to install to try the application

iOS 14 has clever features: no need to install to try the application

According to media reports, Apple is currently developing a preview version. The application developers can use to provide potential users with insights into the features provided by their iOS 14 applications. The whole process is a bit reminiscent of Android features.

Only at WWDC in June will Apple publicly display the first preview of iOS 14. Before that, you can get the first photo of Apple ’s frequent leaks to the iPhone. Now, online magazine 9to5mac has discovered another new feature of iOS 14, or at least found good signs that Apple will present as a new product.

Internal iOS 14 version shows new features

It has special functions. It appeared in the first batch of iOS 14 releases only by Apple. According to 9to5mac, this is a feature called editing. But it has nothing to do with the iPhone application of the same name. 9to5mac obtained information from the internal test version of the code.

Therefore, Apple is working on a new way to preview certain features of the application for testing. This is especially meaningful for paid applications. Users should be able to understand the appearance of the application.

How to use it and what they can do.

This should also work without having to download the application from the store first. The developer decides what to publish in the preview and provides a QR code.

You already know

Google has integrated similar functions into Android. It is still completely unclear whether “fragments” will be provided in the completed iOS 14. Especially in the early stages of development, Apple tried many features, which were later abandoned or had to be postponed.

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iOS 14 may get a significantly expanded password manager

Apple’s mobile platform iOS version 14 may have a more powerful password manager. The new feature brings the tool to a level that can only be found through other software (such as 1Password and LastPass).

In its current form, iCloud Keychain can save passwords and automatically fill in query fields in websites or applications. In the future, two important features will be added. Remind you to periodically assign new passwords, and support two-way authentication. 9to5mac magazine is based on the analysis report of the early version of iOS 14.

Innovations in the field of two-way authentication are mainly aimed at ensuring that users no longer rely on SMS or email as the second factor of authentication. Because these communication channels have been repeatedly proved to be unsafe recently. Among other things, attackers are increasingly forging SIM cards to make SMS carry two-way authentication codes.

An authenticator clone from Apple?

It is unclear how the extension will be displayed. However, there are signs that Apple wants to provide a tool similar to Google Authenticator to open the second authentication path. The main purpose of password reminders is to ensure that users will not use the same password multiple times for multiple services. Because if the attacker finds the login ID of the offer, they will, of course, try to access other platforms with the same data.

For developers of commercial password managers, extending the keychain on iOS is of course a major issue. Because these less convincing parameters attract users to subscribe. On the other hand, the development is positive for overall security, because it also protects users who do not want to spend extra money on the corresponding software.

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