Biologist pointed out hidden symptoms of COVID-19

The coronavirus vaccine will be tested in humans

Watch your lungs: latent symptoms of coronavirus are named

Biologist Doctors warned that carriers of coronavirus that are considered asymptomatic may not notice reduced lung capacity and impaired kidney function. Russia is expected to end the spread of the coronavirus epidemic at the end of July-by which time the number of cases found in the country should be reduced to tens. However, this will not have the advantage of high temperature: as foreign experience shows, with the advent of heat, the activity of the virus has not decreased

What threatens asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19

– By June 13, 7 739 831 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the world. 3 966 262 people were cured, 428 337 died.

– Meanwhile, in Russia 511 423 cases were recorded. 6 715 turned out to be fatal, 269 370 patients managed to recover.

-Ancha Baranova, a professor at George Mason University in the United States, said that asymptomatic coronavirus carriers may not notice reduced lung capacity and impaired kidney function.

The biologist suggested: “If you have a positive COVID-19 test. But you do not feel symptoms, then you need to have an X-ray tomography to see what’s wrong with your lungs.”

The heat will not be saved from COVID-19

-The Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that the mask system should be maintained throughout Russia. He emphasized: “We see today that even in calm areas, the (virus) reproduction rate is floating.”

-Murashko also pointed out that the activity of coronavirus has not decreased in hot weather. According to him, this has been proven in foreign experience. And these countries have not recorded a reduction in virus activity at high temperatures. The minister also emphasized that due to the coronavirus situation, Russians need to be prepared to change their holiday plans.

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-People in the medical field in the area said that Vyacheslav Furgal, Duma’s deputy in the Khabarovsk region, died on Saturday night and was suffering from a coronavirus infection. Coronavirus infection has been confirmed. For nearly two weeks, I was comatose due to mechanical ventilation. The source told RIA Novosti that he died in the Tenth City Hospital tonight.

-The virologist Anatoly Alstein of the N. F. Gamalei Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center put forward the criteria for completing the coronavirus epidemic in Russia. According to him, the number of cases found in the country should fall to “tens to hundreds”. “At the same time, the monitoring of the situation should be continuous. The second wave is inevitable. He said: “This virus has such characteristics, it looks like it will not disappear as easily as this. ”

COVID-19 lost job sent to pick strawberries

-As a result of the risk of the spread of coronavirus infections. President Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania expanded the ban on entering the country through the border with Russia.

“Beijing News,” wrote in a quote from the marketing manager: “Coronavirus was found in one of the largest wholesale markets in Beijing.” The test found nearly 50 cases of infection. In this regard, martial law is implemented in the area where the market is located.

-The Estonian government will send people who are unemployed due to the COVID-19 epidemic to harvest the fruit and berry sector-The press service of the country’s social affairs minister said that about 600,000 euros have been allocated for this.

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