Tesla employees risk health – Work not Possible

Tesla employees risk health - Work not Possible

Tesla’s Fremont plant publicly violated local authorities’ recommendations for quarantine regulations. The plant was concerned about the plant’s poor safety practices. Workers claim that they cannot complete their work correctly because it is difficult to maintain social distance in the factory. At the same time, company management claimed that all coronavirus cases recorded by Tesla employees after the factory opened were “imported”. That is, the infection did not occur in the workplace, but occurred outside the workplace.

Earlier this week, it was known that several employees at Tesla’s Fremont, California plant picked up the coronavirus. This happened because Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive, decided to resume production at the factory about a month ago. He ignoring local authorities’ decree on isolation.

Some factory workers reacted negatively-they did not want to risk their health. Because Musk did not want to lose their income during the pandemic. However, many people have to return to work because they imply that if they are rejected

It turns out that their fears are not in vain. Despite this, several Tesla employees were infected, which caused panic among employees.

Then, Laurie Shelby, the head of Tesla’s security department, sent a letter to the workers at the Fremont plant. Where she assured them that if all precautions were taken, they would work in the plant No danger.

“Since production has resumed, we have not had a single case of virus transmission in the workplace. Shelby quoted CNBC as saying: “COVID-19 infections occurred outside the factory-from relatives or cohabitants-in most cases. Employees Follow the safety regulations, notify their supervisor, and stay at home. “

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However, Shelby did not explain how Tesla reached this conclusion. But who conducted the investigation and tracked the patient’s contact to determine the exact location of the COVID-19 infection. The company’s news service declined to comment.

Several company employees who wish to remain anonymous said that assuming that Tesla did conduct a thorough analysis and that its employees were not infected at the factory. The risk of contracting coronavirus at work remains.

In fact, workshop employees cannot wear a mask as required, nor can they thoroughly clean all common tools after use, which greatly reduces their work speed.

In addition, it is difficult for them to maintain social distance. During lunch, this is not always feasible.

Assembly workers often work in narrow spaces. They must also use physical strength. Which is why they often sweat. Although the company provided them with a lot of personal protective equipment. It was still too difficult to breathe with a mask on.

At the same time, it is forbidden to work without a mask in the factory-disobedience may be dismissed. This leads to the fact that many employees wear masks on their chins, and only when the manager appears in the workshop.

Some employees noted that their colleagues cough and sneeze, but they do not take sick leave so as not to lose their jobs.

In Tesla, the cost of COVID-19 flash may become too high. On the one hand, hundreds of employees of the company may be sick, on the other hand, it may force the mask company to close the factory again. And will impose huge fines for non-compliance with safety measures. A Fremont police spokesman said that since May 13, no one has inspected Tesla’s factory. The Alameda County Health Department. Where the factory is located, refused to provide information about people infected at work, citing the confidentiality of the data.

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