Windows 10: Bug activates tablet mode without being asked

Windows 10: New bug activates tablet mode without being asked

The latest version of Windows 10 2004, better known as the May update. The update can also force the user interface of the tablet operating system on a PC without a touch screen. This error appears to be caused by cumulative update KB4557957.

According to Windows Latest, several Windows 10 users criticize the inadvertent activation of tablet mode after installing the current collective update in the official feedback site. Unfortunately, this is just one of many errors that the Windows team should fix in version 2004 over the past few weeks.

Touch optimization goes too far

In addition to security improvements, KB4557957, according to official sources, should optimize the user interface for touch control and ensure smooth switching between tablet and desktop modes. Unfortunately, these adjustments obviously have undesirable side effects.

If after installing KB4557957 the tablet mode is active on a desktop computer or laptop, this can be easily determined by some visual functions of the user interface. For example, when working optimized for touch. The free space between individual icons on the desktop or application icons on the taskbar increases. And sometimes there are sometimes significantly more gaps between buttons in the file explorer or in office applications than usual.

For devices with a touch screen, this helps to launch certain actions with the finger. But is not actually used to work with the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. In addition, the search field on the taskbar is minimized, which makes it difficult to find one or another user.

Deactivate tablet mode again

Fortunately, for all those users who currently have to deal with the bug described. There is a fairly simple way to solve the problem. The tablet mode and associated functions can be switched off at any time under the settings of Windows 10. To do this, open the settings and deactivate all options under “Tablet mode” -> “Change additional tablet settings” -> “If I am not using tablet mode”. Then you should restart the system.

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The problem with the tablet mode from KB4557957 is not serious since it can be solved by all interested parties. However, for Microsoft, this is another negative example of working with bugs in the 2004 version. The software giant has already confirmed a number of other problems.

This is the list of known issues

  • Difficulty connecting to more than one Bluetooth device:
  • Errors or problems during or after updating devices with Conexant ISST audio drivers:
  • Errors or problems during or after updating devices with certain Conexant audio drivers:
  • Problems using the ImeMode property to control IME mode for individual text entry fields.
  • The variable refresh rate does not work as expected on devices with an Intel iGPU
  • Stop error when inserting or removing a Thunderbold dock
  • Errors or unexpected restarts for some devices that always use Always On, Always Connected
  • No mouse input for apps and games that use GameInput Redistributable.
  • Problems updating or starting devices if aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys is present.
  • Problem with older drivers for Nvidia display adapters (GPU)

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