Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Goes On Sale

Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Goes On Sale

Boston Dynamics has started selling its four-legged robots for free, similar to dogs. Although the price of “robot” is high. The manufacturer guarantees that he will become an indispensable assistant in all areas of life. What projects have Spot participated in before and where his skills are most useful-the the material of “The Website” shall prevail.

The four-legged robot dog named “Spot” from Boston Dynamics has been publicly listed and is now open to everyone. It can be seen from the official website of the brand that the price of such a robot will reach the buyer 74,500 US dollars (about 5 million rubles).

The Spot robot, also called the dog robot, from the American company Boston Dynamics, went on sale in the United States. This was reported on the manufacturer’s website. The cost of the device is $ 74.5 thousand (about 5,200,000 rubles). According to the manufacturer, the robot can be adapted to solve various problems. The robot ranging from industrial control to the entertainment industry.

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Boston Dynamics claims that Spot will come in handy for developers who want to understand that “mobile robots can be used for a variety of tasks from industrial control to the entertainment industry.” So far, Spot can only be ordered in the United States with a prepayment of $1,000.

The spot was first introduced to the public in June 2016. The robot can climb stairs and overcome obstacles. It is the lightest robot in the Boston Dynamics production line and weighs only 25 kg. In 2018, in a video, Spot used a special mechanism to open the door of another robot, collected millions of views on YouTube, and broke the trend of the platform.

Since then, people from many different industries have started using Spot.

In March this year, doctors at Boston Hospital used robots to minimize contact with infected COVID-19. To this end, Spot is also equipped with a tablet, microphone, and speakers. Through video calls, doctors can assess the patient’s condition and ask for symptoms while maintaining a safe distance. Boston Dynamics said it is working on a technology that will enable Spot to measure patient temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation without human intervention.

The cooperation between Boston Dynamics and New Zealand Rocos has contributed to the development of Spot in the agricultural sector. With additional software, Spot can monitor the condition of crops and soil, send information to agronomists, and grazing sheep and other livestock. In order for Robopez to try to play a new role, the developer improved his leg design so that he could climb the hill more easily, and he could climb the hill if he suddenly fell to the ground.

In addition, in May 2020, Spot robot dog was found in a park in Singapore-he walked along the trail and reminded passers-by about the pandemic behavior rules.

“Let Singapore stay healthy.” For your safety and those around you, please keep a distance of at least one meter. Thank you,” the robot said in a polite female voice. In addition, the attraction is equipped with a camera that allows the authorities to assess the park’s workload.

As we all know, Spot is also widely used in the construction industry. It traverses the building through special equipment that provides operators with a 360-degree view. Therefore, you can evaluate the object’s readiness in completely different locations.

Robocop’s capabilities are also used by the Massachusetts Police. It is used in situations where it is necessary to check the explosiveness of suspicious devices. It is also used to check where armed criminals may be hiding.

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