SpaceX plans to build floating, superheavy-class spaceports for Mars

SpaceX plans to build floating, superheavy-class spaceports for Mars

As part of a new project, space company SpaceX plans to build its own floating launch platform for use in entering Earth orbit. Company founder Elon Musk has now officially confirmed rumors in this direction for some time.

Company observers have been talking about the fact that offshore activities may play a greater role in the future. Now, when SpaceX is clearly looking for job advertisements for experts with experience in offshore platforms, this suspicion is confirmed.

Basically, this could prove to be an expansion of the landing craft fleet. After all, SpaceX will operate such a floating drone. Which can land a reusable rocket stage after launch. Because for safety reasons, the launcher usually takes off from its launch site toward the high seas.

Musk was carried away by the message to confirm

However, the news that Musk was confirmed was taken away. He said on Twitter: “SpaceX has built floating, super-heavy space airports for Mars. Musk also said SpaceX build launch platform on Moon and supersonic flights around the world.” The company may rebuild scrapped oil platforms and reuse them. Musk naturally hopes to combine them with the Hyperloop system and then introduce technicians and materials to the platform.

The platform is mainly used as the future home of the starship launcher. This is a large space flight system completely developed by SpaceX. One day, it should be able to carry a payload. So that more people can travel to distant destinations such as Mars. Such tasks will require carrying large amounts of materials. Because they will take a long time and must be built for all possible situations.

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Elon Musk demands focus on Starship

Elon Musk’s private space company, SpaceX, has achieved great success in recent weeks. But has also suffered a surprising setback. Because you successfully launched the Crew Dragon. But the spacecraft exploded almost simultaneously during the test.

Fortunately and unfortunately, SpaceX is only one day apart. A good week ago, you can successfully launch the “Crew Dragon” with NASA and dock it with the International Space Station. However, just a day ago, Starship SN4 had a huge explosion.

Starship SN4 should take off soon

The Starship, which will eventually fly to the moon and later even to Mars, has had various breakdowns and problems in the past. But the explosion a week ago is undoubtedly the most spectacular event to date. This is also a major setback for SpaceX because in fact it is already planned to make the Starship SN4 take off for the first time to “jump” at low altitude.

This is why SpaceX boss Elon Musk is now calling on all employees to focus on Starship research via internal email. As CBNC reported, it urged its aerospace company to “dramatically and immediately”. SpaceX work to accelerate the progress of the SpaceX spacecraft. Now, “interstellar spacecraft” has become the top priority. The only exception is all things that may endanger the safe return of the crew dragon.

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