Huawei sanctions: Trump Play a double game

Huawei sanctions: Trump Play a double game

Huawei sanctions: The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is less concerned about the national security of the United States than about his re-election. This follows from the statements of former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

He held this position from April 2018 to September 2019 and, accordingly, Trump worried about many foreign policy problems that the White House had to face. Now he has recorded his experience in a book that was previously available to various American media such as The Wall Street Journal. The US Department of Justice is currently trying to block the general release, indicating that the content will pose a threat to national security.

You can really see it that way. Because Bolton paints a picture of a president for whom security-related issues in his office are just a maneuverable mass to advance further in his career. This becomes clear when dealing with China, where Trump likes to present himself as a hardliner who wants to significantly improve the US’s position in relation to the Asian state. Trump also wants to bring this to the campaign.

According to Bolton, the president believes that sanctions against various Chinese technology companies and legal measures against their representatives, rather than the rule of law, should protect US interests. For example, Trump eased sanctions against ZTE in 2018 to improve his personal relations with Chinese leader Xi Jin Ping.

Trade agreement for re-election

The United States is using all political force to resist the use of Huawei technology in 5G networks – both domestically and abroad. A new study now shows: No matter how the US behaves, Huawei will also cash in on the development of the US network.

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And last year, Trump is also said to have indicated that he would be willing to loosen the reins vis-à-vis Huawei significantly if this would help the agreement of a new trade agreement. The President would like to complete this in order to have a further component for his election campaign.

According to Bolton’s description, Xi quickly knew how to take Trump. At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in 2018, President Trump of China announced how much he would like to work with him for at least the next six years. “Xi said that he believes that there are too many elections in the US and that he does not want to meet with anyone other than Trump,” said Bolton. The US president nodded in agreement, saying that people would still say that the constitutional two-section limit should be lifted for him.

At a meeting between the two last June in Osaka, Japan, negotiations continued in a similar manner. So it may well be that relations between the US and China are developing long before the US presidential election in November because Trump is preparing his colleague to help conduct an external campaign.

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