Rumour! iOS 14 is renamed, iPhone OS debuts

Rumour! iOS 14 is renamed, iPhone OS debuts

Apple will launch iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. In principle, there are no expectations, but there are some changes in the official name. According to news posted on Twitter by renowned informant @Jon Prosser, iOS’s future Apple system is likely to be renamed from iOS 14 to iPhone OS. At the same time, according to rumors, the main chip of the first iPhone 12 series will be upgraded to Qualcomm X60 with a 5-nm process. But the full range of products will still continue to design a big bang in the past. As for the high-performance version, it is also a combination of three rear cameras. The news is more consistent.

Jon Prosser talk IOS 14 will be renamed to iPhone OS

The news reported by @Jon Prosser, the well-known Technology Informant. According to him it is relatively simple, but the iPhone OS cited in the statement should mean that iOS 14 will be renamed iPhone OS to meet us ahead of WWDC 2020. Not only that, but a screenshot posted by anonymous netizens, seems to confirm this claim. And the advent of iPhoneOS 14 seems to be strong evidence.

IOS 14

Although the authenticity of the above information has not yet been verified, the system that was installed when the first iPhone was released was called the iPhone OS. And then renamed to iOS when the first iPad was released in 2010. However, with the debut of the iOS 13 system, Apple divided the iPad OS. So Apple seems to be determined to further differentiate the iPhone and iPad systems and help in future marketing of the operating system. In addition, all Apple products already have iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. And this time, it seems, needless to say, return to the iPhone OS.

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The terminal equipped with  X60 baseband chip

Being the first iPhone OS model, the upcoming iPhone 12 series will not only support 5G technology in all directions. But also seems to have been upgraded in terms of the main frequency chip. According to information published by the Taiwanese Electronic Times, TSMC will begin shipping the A14 processor. And Qualcomm X60 chip for the new iPhone this month.

Prior to that, well-known analysts Guo Mingji, Nikkei Asia Review and other media said that the iPhone 12 series will be equipped with a Qualcomm X55 chip. And this time, if it really will be upgraded to the Qualcomm X60 baseband chip.

Then the 5-nm process used in this chip will undoubtedly have higher energy efficiency. And it will also use the aggregate frequency bands of the millimeter range and less than 6 GHz, which can provide higher network speed and lower latency. Of course, this Electronic Times report might be wrong, because when the X60 mainband chip was launched, Qualcomm also said that the terminal equipped with the chip would not be available until next year. Even if Apple has the opportunity to take the lead, it seems impossible to advance so much time.

CAD drawings presented this time

Regarding the design of the iPhone 12 series, well-known blogger @EverythingApplePro has confirmed recent rumors about recently unveiled CAD rendering. This is still the big bang design, as well as the location of the high-end rear camera. No changes, but only the 6.7-inch version will be equipped with a lidar scanner. And the so-called Smart Connector interface, which appears in the SIM card slot, may be the position of the millimeter-wave antenna.

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However, since the iPhone 12 series is only at the stage of testing the DVT design. This is not necessarily the final draft of the scheme, and @EverythingApplePro also said that the CAD drawings presented this time cannot be 100% defined as the design of the new iPhone. But only shared the current acquisition. To the news.


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