Windows 10 forces reboot, patch announced

Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 20H2 is ready for commercial testing

Windows 10 users are struggling with a strange problem after the June patches. The computer reports a problem that requires an immediate reboot. After a forced restart, the computer runs “normally” during the day.

This is evident from various user reports compiled by the online magazine Bleeping Computer. After regular updates to Windows 10 10 earlier this month, Microsoft has confirmed that users are facing completely different problems. Now the group explains these errors in detail on the corresponding support pages for individual updates. Microsoft also promises to provide an update for an error that leads to a forced restart.

Local Security Authority Subsystem Service issue

In the background, an error occurs with the so-called LSAS service (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service, LSASS). This service is responsible for applying security policies on Windows systems and is used by the system to add entries to the security log and to process user logins, change passwords, and create access tokens. If there is a problem with the service, the user immediately loses access to all accounts available on the computer. Then a cryptic error message is usually displayed that does not help the user with a question about what went wrong. Windows will restart.

Users report that after a forced restart, they usually rested for 24 hours and could work with the system until the error occurred again. This is reportedly repeated regularly.

Microsoft now writes the following in the Knowledge Base:

The LSASS file (LSASS = Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) (lsass.exe) may appear on some devices with the error message “Critical system process C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ lsass.exe has terminated with status code c0000008” critical system process, C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ lsass.exe, failure with status code c0000008). Microsoft is working on a solution and will provide an update in the next version.

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This applies to devices with Windows 10 1809 or higher that have the June patch of June 9 or a newer additional update installed. This mainly affects all versions of Windows 10 that are used frequently, only those versions that have already stopped supporting do not have an error. How widespread the error is, i.e. E. Whether it is a common problem or occurs only rarely, is currently unknown.

Microsoft promises to fix it with an update but does not yet have a turnkey solution.

You can remove updates, but then you will have a problem that does not correspond to the level of security.

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