Huawei’s dreams come true. Huawei has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer

Huawei has become the world's largest smartphone manufacturer

Japanese media: Huawei may surpass Samsung to become the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer for three consecutive months

Not so long ago, the world-famous market research organization Counterpoint published the latest market research report, according to which Huawei surpassed Samsung in smartphone shipments in April and May, taking first place in the world.

Today (8th) morning news, according to the Nikkei Chinese Network report, Samsung Electronics is likely to cede the throne of Huawei in the global smartphone market from April to June.

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|Beat Samsung & become the world largest manufacturer of smartphones in terms of supply

This means that for three consecutive months, Huawei becomes the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones in terms of supply. This is the first time that domestic brands have achieved this kind of achievement.

Samsung is expected to drop about 30% year-on-year from April through June as a result of the expansion of the new Crown epidemic. Huawei declined slightly, and both sides formed a difference. Sluggish smartphone sales will affect Samsung’s overall performance.

Samsung’s April-June Consolidated Financial Statements (Express Value), released July 7, showed an operating profit of 8.1 trillion won, up 23% from the same period last year. Operating profit fell 7% to 52 trillion won.

According to estimates by SK Securities in South Korea, the supply of Huawei mobile phones from April to June amounted to 55 million units, while Samsung – only 51 million units.

However, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic and the opening of markets such as India and the United States, Samsung is more likely to return to first place in the world. After all, Samsung has a fair international market environment and the United States will authorize Huawei, and the lack of Google GMS services will inevitably lead foreign consumers to move to other brands’ camps.

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In addition, due to US sanctions, Huawei HiSilicon Kirin may stop deliveries in the future, which may also lead to a reduction in the supply of Huawei mobile phones.

The short peak did not ease Huawei’s pressure, and real difficulties are yet to come.

|The Huawei becomes a leader in the smartphone market

In the second quarter of this year, global smartphone sales declined, and Samsung suffered more than other market leaders. Now, analysts expect Huawei to surpass Samsung in the second quarter and lead the smartphone market.

Samsung mobile device shipments are expected to decline by 30% this quarter. On the other hand, the supply of Huawei smartphones has declined slightly. Huawei previously surpassed Samsung in smartphone sales in April and May. This is particularly impressive given the ongoing trade and economic wars between the United States and China.

China plays a very important role in the global market. Considering the Honor brand, Samsung has a share of more than 1% in the global market. And Huawei has a share of more than 60%. In May, Huawei’s market share was 19.7%, while Samsung’s market share was 19.6%. The difference in April was even greater: 21.4% versus 19.1%.

It is unclear whether Huawei can gain a foothold in the global smartphone market leader. It is recommended that due to the lack of support for Google applications and services. The attractiveness of Huawei and Honor smartphones may be reduced.

Huawei provides its own mobile service and AppGallery application store instead of Google applications and services

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