Next Samsung Phone maybe abandon the charger

Next Samsung Phone Omit the Charger in the box

“In the box: the next Samsung phone may not come with a charger”

You can always be getting the charger in the mobile phone box that came with your new smartphone. However, it now appears that we are moving towards a future that may not be the case. According to the latest report from South Korea, future Samsung phones may not come with chargers.

Samsung ships several amounts of smartphones every year. Removing the charger from half of its products will greatly reduce the company’s costs. This may also make the company more aggressively pricing its affordable equipment.

|Samsung phones may abandon chargers next year

The Report says, Samsung is working on plans to exclude the charger from the accessories for some smartphones. If he decides to go further, we can see the first Samsung phones that will ship without a charger starting next year.

Chargers were a constant fixture as long as we had mobile phones. They come with the device, even the most affordable phones come with it. However, the world has come a long way from the time when manufacturers had their own branded charging slots. You cannot use your Nokia charger with a Samsung phone. All Android manufacturers use standard Type-C USB connectors, which now extend even to mid-range devices. You can now use your Samsung charger with the OnePlus phone.

Most likely, there may be several unused chargers around your house, and these chargers are from phones that you no longer use or will no longer use. The charging cable is no longer connected to the brick, so even if the cable is damaged, you can easily replace the new cable. Samsung is counting on this ubiquitous charger to provide smartphones with more than a decade of history, so no longer provide new devices.

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We have no doubts! Samsung will continue to sell the charger as an official accessory, even if it chooses. No matter how cheap the price, many customers still don’t use third-party chargers. Here Samsung takes the money.

Whether the savings from canceling the charger will actually be transferred to the customer at a lower price is still unknown. This may be a measure to increase smartphone profits. Samsung has enhanced accessories in exceptional cases. Many of his entry-level phones do not carry basic headphones.

You may be surprised to find that this applies not only to Samsungs. Recent reports indicate that Apple may not include the iPhone 12 charger launched in December this year. It seems to be due to who blinked first. If Apple goes further and removes the charger from the new iPhone, we can expect Samsung to make a similar decision next year.

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