Microsoft’s Launching New Folding Smartphones and Tablets

The New Technology Launching By Microsoft:

Microsoft has not introduced flexible screen technology nor has it introduced the latest cameras in its smart devices.

Microsoft’s chief product designer Panos Panay has told the News Channel about these devices

We want people to see where we’re moving the products. They will introduce in a period of one year. ‘

‘We have very soon introduced the Surface Device. We will put developer units on the job soon. ‘

It is no surprise that Microsoft has not tried to create a modern flexible folding screen. Even though devices of this technology are already on the market. A smartphone industry expert told the News Channel BBC

“Initially, Samsung faced a wide range of problems due to its lack of Galaxy Folder and flexible display,” said Ben Wood, affiliated with the company ‘CSS In Site’. That’s why device makers are experimenting with other designs. ‘

Microsoft will also announce some updates to its Surface Laptop on Wednesday. That will introduce this year while pre-orders will also launch.

The Microsoft Two Screen Technology:

Microsoft’s new tablet SurfaceNew has two screens that open up to 13 inches. It can fold in the middle and has Windows 10X in it. Its operating system has the capability to run on two-screen tablets.

The Microsoft Two Screen Technology:

Surface Dave, on the other hand, is a 3.8-inch smartphone running on Google’s mobile operating system. It can also fold in the middle but its screen is not folded but folded.

Microsoft has not yet said what those devices will cost. Panasonic didn’t even know if its engineers wanted to make a flexible screen phone. According to him, the company’s priority was a design that could fold between, folding technology.

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Panos Payne told the TV, ‘It costs less. I can open the Internet on one side and my email on the other. Or calendar on one side and email on the other. ‘

Analyst Jeff Bleiber says it will take some time to find out if people will like such a device.

“Microsoft is taking a big step in making new types of phones from SurfaceNew and Dave,” he said.

‘Dave is a new smartphone that will take some time to get technical support. If this is the beginning of a new journey for Microsoft, then expectations should be in line. ‘

Benedict Evans from venture capitalist Andreasen Horowitz was more reluctant.

He said in his tweet, ‘Every year someone makes a phone that is actually two phones and connected in the middle.’

‘The problem is that it makes one phone as big and heavy as two. No technician would want to support it, as it will only be for a few people. ‘

“And now Microsoft has it too.”

With Wireless headphones -Tablets like leaflets

Like Apple and Amazon, Microsoft has introduced wireless headphones, called Surface Airbeds.

Microsoft’s Kate Schweik says that her 3D team made headphones in thousands of shapes and sizes to prevent them from getting out of the ear. Which according to them is a common complaint of consumers?

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Wireless Headphone

“We have tried them on thousands of ears.”

Microsoft has said that the device can controlled by wearing Surface Airbands, such as a slide of a PowerPoint slide with one hand on one ear.

They cost $ 249 and are more expensive than Amazon’s EcoBuds ($ 130) and Apple’s AirPods ($ 159-199).

The Surface Dave may consider a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. But Samsung has created a flexible screen that uses plastic instead of glass, as compared to Microsoft. Yet, Samsung’s device postponed due to problems. Despite some changes, the company has told its customers to ‘touch comfortably’ using this $ 2000 device.

Samsung’s phone features six cameras, including telephoto and wide-angle lenses. The SurfaceNew and Dave, so, have only one front camera. Microsoft has not revealed other features yet.

This is not Microsoft’s first ‘leaflet-like computer’. In 2009, information about their two-screen ‘courier’ device disclosed, but it stopped a year later. Another project called ‘Codex’ did not go beyond research.

In the meantime, Microsoft has succeeded in hardware. In 2012, Surface Line received a mixed response from their new smart devices. But now it has become a good source of revenue for the company.


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