Samsung Galaxy A71and Galaxy A51 Pricing Leaked in india

Samsung Galaxy A71and Galaxy A51 Pricing Leaked in Indian Market

Yet, Samsung not officially announced the pricing of Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 in the Indian market. So Samsung takes time to make both brands official in the Indian Market. Samsung is yet to make both Galaxy’s official for the Indian market. But 91Mobile reports showing the pricing of two handsets in the Indian market. Because recently 91Mobile revealed the pricing of both mobiles in Indian Market.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 setting the price(Rs 22,990 ) in the Indian market with 6GB+128GB effective configuration. While the Galaxy A51 labelled with the price of 29,990 for the basic models in the Indian Market with 6GB of RAM supported and 128GB of storage. The pricing of both two brands is not officially announced by the Samsung so the price is based on rumours. According to the rumours user not facing financial problem when they decided to buy due to less price as compared to higher models

If the Rumours based reports truth the A51 and A71 are not costlier as compared to A50 and A70 models. while Despite some of the high-level upgrade specification. Truly, the A50 models also launched in the Indian market with a price of 22,900 for the variant that offering the RAM of 6GB and effective storage.

In this model variant only had a 64 GB storage memory that is not bad but not enough for those users who need more and more storage for mobiles with this price. Galaxy A50’s was launched around the same price as well for the 4GB+128GB variant. So Galaxy A51 first day sale is set an effective impact on Samsung users

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Pricing Leaked in Indian Market

We told you once again that, The pricing of A51 and A70 models that are already discussed in this article is based on rumours. So we not officially told the exact price of the models. Because Yet, the company has not announced the price of two handsets officially in Indian Market. We cannot be confirmed until the official announcement makes by Samsung. But poster advertising phones were seen at some Samsung stores in the capital. So the announcement and the release date are probably closer.

Are you looking forward to the Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to find out how the two compare to the phone paper as well as see our first impressions of the Galaxy A51 in our preview.

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