Samsung Neon officially presented “Artificial people”

"Artificial people" Samsung Neon officially presented

Over time, Neons will work as TV presenters, speakers, movie actors and will be your friends

Samsung Star Labs research group introduced Neon this morning at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020, which is taking place in Las Vegas.


The company clarifies that Neon is not a voice assistant or robot. Rather, it is a video chat with a computer person who looks as realistic as possible. The developers note that communication with such “artificial people” will be taken to a whole new level compared to traditional personal assistants, and the time for finding information and the right answer from Neon is only a few milliseconds.

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Samsung hopes that companies will license Neon, claiming that they can be used as yoga instructors, television presenters, the press, film actors, financial advisors and many more.

Over time, Neons will work as TV presenters, speakers, or movie actors. Or they may just be your good friends. Samsung

Star Labs said that they are not trying to replace people, even if it seems like this: “We are not trying to take away someone’s jobs, but rather we want to improve our customer experience so that they feel like they have a good friend.”

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The company says Neon has its own emotions and memories, but so far it sounds too fantastic. Perhaps the creators can simply program them to simulate emotions and store data.

We plan to make Neon accessible to both business partners and consumers around the world. It’s too early to comment on the Neon business model or pricing, but we plan to launch the Neon beta in the real world with selected partners later this year.

Other companies have similarly sought to replace or replace human workers. Softbank Bank Robotics launched its smart paper robot in 2015. He was available at home, banks, medical institutions and restaurants, and could work as an administrator, as well as at home.

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“We plan to make Neon available to both business partners and customers worldwide,” the company said. “It’s too early for us to comment on the Neon business model or pricing, but we plan to launch Neon Son in the real world with select partners later this year.”

Without further details, it’s tempting to dismiss it as a stunt product that will never see the light outside of CES. Let’s see if Samsung proves us wrong and whether it will be released later this year.

Source = CNBC, Neon

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