Is Alienware Concept UFO the perfect game console on Windows?

Nintendo Switch: the best features of the new firmware update

This is just a concept

The Nintendo Switch showed that even in the era of smartphone dominance, portable game consoles have a right to life. Still, the level of games on consoles and smartphones often varies.

Nintendo switch

Despite the fact that the switch came out in early 2017, few companies have tried to enter the market in the past years. Dell’s Alienware brand launched a prototype gaming console similar to the Nintendo Brainchild at CES 2020.

The concept UFO is called a device, and as the name implies, it is not serial. Given that, it makes no sense to focus specifically on the parameters. But in particular, the concept is equipped with an eight-inch screen and some kind of hybrid AMD processor.

Controllers, as in the case of switches, are removable but are connected to the case via magnets. Just like the original, the concept UFO can be attached to a TV or monitor.

As you can guess, the console is running Windows, that is, in fact, we have a gaming tablet with additional controllers. But whether the concept will change to a UFO serial device is not yet clear – Dell has said nothing about it.

No specification has been released other than the Ryzen processor that powers this device. The device can easily play games like Motel Combat 11 and Rocket League without tearing or tearing the screen. There are some big questions related to this device, such as the possibility of low battery life and other limitations that cause this small form factor. The turning point for this device will be the prices, specifications, and if this device ever appears in the market!

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On the market, the device should appear in the middle of the goal

At the end of September last year, Nintendo launched the Switch Lite console. Due to the attractive price, this device is in good demand. The Japanese manufacturer intends to give sales a new impetus in the middle of the year by introducing the following model.

Nintendo Switch Console Launches This Quarter

According to a source citing information from Taiwanese representatives of the supply chain, mass production of the new device will begin in the current quarter, as Nintendo intends to create sufficient stocks to meet the increased demand that is usually observed at the first stage of sales.

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