The world’s first smartphone with a colourr display on electronic ink

The world's first smartphone with a color display on electronic ink

This is another exciting phase of development.

In the past few years, the number of smartphones showing electronic ink has increased. Hisense, best known for its television, unveiled the first e-colour display smartphone at the consumer electronics show 2020.

Colour exposure on electronic ink has long been published in e-books, but this is the first case in the smartphone industry. According to Hisense officials, production capabilities for displaying smartphones on electronic ink have matured considerably. There are already all the prerequisites for mass manufacture of e-ink colour screens for smartphones.

Electronic ink phone

Hisense also claims that the new e-colour display has a higher refresh rate than previous generation screens, so the image looks better on them.

According to Hisense, mass production of such screens will begin in the second quarter, and smartphones will enter the market in the third quarter before the colourful display iPhone. Hisense has not yet revealed configuration information, smartphone pricing, and release dates.

Electronic ink colour phone

The first smartphone to open the e-ink screen was introduced in 2012, we’re talking about the real Utah phone, which got a full-colour screen and a black and white electronic ink display.

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